First Baby and Fur Baby Drive for the EvCC Food Pantry

Baby and Fur Baby Drive to benefit the EvCC community affected by COVID-19.


Courtesy Image from Marissa Zambrzuski.

Diaper and wipes already collected by the Food Pantry for the Baby and Fur Baby Drive.

The EvCC food pantry is holding its first Baby and Fur Baby Drive to ensure no EvCC member has to choose either paying a bill or getting the family supplies they need. 

The drive takes place Feb. 16 – March 8. There are multiple ways to donate, all with COVID-19 safety protocols in place: scheduling an appointment to drop off the items, purchase items from the pantry’s

Unopened donation boxes from the Food Pantry’s Amazon Wish List. (Courtesy Image from Marissa Zambrzuski.)

Amazon Wish List, make a monetary donation (with the designation of “Food Pantry”) or mailing items to the Everett campus. EvCC staff also have the option of a payroll deduction to help out year-round.

The Food Pantry is requesting:

  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby formula
  • Dog food
  • Cat food
  • Cat litter

Previously the food pantry had limited, unadvertised supplies for babies and pets which left most people unaware of the additional help. EvCC student Emily Rice was filled with gratitude when she became aware of the baby items. “My daughter and I rely on the EvCC food pantry to help make ends meet. Diapers are expensive. The EvCC food pantry helps me feel supported as a single mother of an infant and [as a] student. The staff is always welcoming, on time and communicative,” says Rice

COVID-19 has not only changed the donation and pick-up process but the way the food pantry is utilized. With the Everett campus closed, students no longer can visit the food pantry daily to get single-use items which creates a previously unfelt strain. Now it goes through the products quicker as it is providing food based on need and family size. 

Baby and Fur Baby items the Food Pantry has already received from its drive. (Courtesy Image from Marissa Zambrzuski.)

Marissa Zambrzuski, ASB vice president of Student Engagement and member of the food pantry volunteer staff says, “We know a lot of students have families of their own, and those families also include pets. Food insecurity can impact students in many ways and this can extend to their families that they live with, so we wanted to be able to help support them as well.”

A desire to switch up the traditional theme and focus on those who can’t advocate for themselves: babies and pets, along with the success of the holiday harvest bags in the Fall quarter, motivated the food pantry to spearhead the drive this quarter.

The EvCC food pantry Baby and Fur Baby drive ends on March 8. “Donate what you can if you can. Any donation, big or small, helps and goes towards supporting students, employees and families who need it,” says Zambrzuski.

The Food Pantry will be operating remotely, pending further notice. 

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