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Graduate smiling onto her future.

2021 Graduation: Virtual Ceremony and Car Parade

Lily Beck, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

Graduation is fast approaching here at EvCC and many people have been wondering what’s going to happen with the 2021 celebration. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, large indoor gatherings have been discouraged...

Fewer students, masks required, plexiglass partitions and hand sanitizer on each table are just a few of the COVID-19 safety protocols in place. Sam Weiland (center),

EvCC Ceramics Program Granted In-Person Learning for Spring 2021

Elena Cervantes, Staff Writer May 2, 2021

On March 5, 2020 EvCC’s ceramics studio went from organized chaos to utter silence. No longer could you hear the purring of the potter’s wheel, the slab roller squeaking or the uproarious banging the...

Japanese Culture Club's logo.

Japanese Culture Club Transitions to Online

Ethan Saur, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Authentic cooking, traditional storytelling, classic film and much more. All Japanese, of course.  That’s what the Japanese Culture Club seeks to offer to the students, faculty and community of EvCC....

Composition notebook and pencils.

From South Africa to Everett: Going Back to School

Nate Feaster, Staff Writer April 22, 2021

Going back to college as an older adult is not the easiest choice, but 55-year-old Everett Community College Student Alistair Blair thrives from learning. Blair is nearly done with his Associate’s...

Christmas Cacti, one of the free plants available during this year's plant swap.

11th Annual Earth Week at EvCC

Matthew Dollison, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Earth Week is currently taking place at the school, starting on the 19th and ending on the 22nd. The four day long celebration at EvCC features many free events ranging from informative and interactive...

EvCC Support At A Distance

EvCC Support At A Distance

Maxwell Morgan, Staff Writer March 14, 2021

Remote learning at EvCC is set to continue throughout Spring quarter, welcoming many new and  returning students who are powering through amidst times of global isolation and illness.  While this...

New fashions and old, mix and mingle on the store shelf waiting for someone to try them on.

Fashion Then and Now

Vicky Martinez, Staff Writer March 13, 2021

Fashion always plays a starring role: it reflects on personalities and defines eras. From bringing back the 2000's Juicy Couture sweatsuit to flared jeans being in again, fashion is always evolving and...

The Perfect Playlist: Is Music the Key to Studying?

The Perfect Playlist: Is Music the Key to Studying?

Matthew Dollison, Staff Writer February 13, 2021

Whether it's a week before, the day before or the morning of a final, studying has a way of taking over student lives and setting nerves on edge. While all school work routines differ, many use music...

One Year Behind the Zoom Screen

One Year Behind the Zoom Screen

Matthew Dollison, Staff Writer January 21, 2021

With the one year anniversary of online classes, Winter quarter to Winter quarter, the date of returning to full on-campus learning remains undetermined. In an email sent out on Jan. 11, EvCC’s President...

Fighting Procrastination with Dr. Farb

Fighting Procrastination with Dr. Farb

Matthew Dollison, Staff Writer October 29, 2020

As deadlines creep closer and closer with no one to hold you accountable, it can be easy to let laziness get the upper hand. Fighting the inner resistance to meet your goals can be exceptionally difficult,...

Cannabis and College Students: Help or Hindrance?

Cannabis and College Students: Help or Hindrance?

Madelyn Olson, 2020-2021 Managing Editor of Digital October 28, 2020

It appears that cannabis is here to stay. With states continuing to put legalization on the ballot, the green wave is sweeping the country. College students specifically can’t get enough of the plant:...

The pandemic has caused both campus and local businesses to close down, leaving students to struggle with uncertainty.

The Balancing Act

Matthew Dollison, Staff Writer October 10, 2020

COVID-19 has completely flipped the world on its head. While all students are suffering from the challenges and consequences of trying to adapt to a completely new way of learning, college students, in...

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