Fighting Procrastination with Dr. Farb

Fighting Procrastination with Dr. Farb
How to combat anxiety-driven avoidance.
October 29, 2020

As deadlines creep closer and closer with no one to hold you accountable, it can be easy to let laziness get the upper hand. Fighting the inner resistance to meet your goals can be exceptionally difficult,...

Cannabis and College Students: Help or Hindrance?

Cannabis and College Students: Help or Hindrance?
EvCC students share their experiences with the plant.
October 28, 2020

It appears that cannabis is here to stay. With states continuing to put legalization on the ballot, the green wave is sweeping the country. College students specifically can’t get enough of the plant:...

The Balancing Act

The pandemic has caused both campus and local businesses to close down, leaving students to struggle with uncertainty.
EvCC students continue to face economic and educational uncertainty.
October 10, 2020

COVID-19 has completely flipped the world on its head. While all students are suffering from the challenges and consequences of trying to adapt to a completely new way of learning, college students, in...

The Scoop on Student LIFE

Trojan Activities Board Manager Jerald Santos and Trojans Activities Board Coordinator Sheila Diep talk about organizing virtual activities during a pandemic, student engagement and the importance of staying connected in the world of remote learning.
October 9, 2020

The Clipper’s Declassified Online School Survival Guide

The Clipper's Declassified Online School Survival Guide
Clipper staff members share their favorite tips and tricks on how to succeed in remote learning.
September 24, 2020

School is much different than years past, and with the confirmation that EvCC is going to continue remote learning until at least spring, students are finding they need to adjust how they study and learn.  Online...

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