CCAMPIS Grants Available for EvCC Student Parents

Grant money making it easier for students with children to return to campus.


Jerrilyn Brower

The view from outside of the Learning Center. The Learning Center is located across the street from the Walt Price Fitness Center

Childcare can be hard to come by. If, by some miracle, you find an opening, the cost is outrageous. To help with both burdens, Everett Community College has multiple grants and programs available for parents that can help reduce the cost of childcare and allow parents to  attend higher education. 

Child Care Access Means Parents In School CCAMPIS is a federally funded grant that is available at EvCC. This program was created with a goal to reduce the financial burden of student parents in order to keep them enrolled in school and graduate. How CCAMPIS works is that a majority of the funding  EvCC receives from the institutional grant goes towards childcare subsidies to reduce the burden of childcare cost for student parents. This particular CCAMPIS program does not provide free childcare, but it reduces the cost of what comes out of the student’s pocket toward their childcare cost. Qualifications include determining how much money parents can get is all based on income decisions. In order to receive funding child care subsidies through the CCAMPIS program students have to be eligible for  Pell grant Financial aid. 

  Parents have to apply for financial aid and be eligible to receive a pell grant. Based on the expected family contribution number is how the program determines how much a student can receive in childcare. It’s a percentage of the childcare cost, which can cover up to 50%.

Students have to apply for FAFSA every year and have to continue being eligible. 

An application for CCAMPIS is only required once and there is a class preference. If there are too many who apply to the program,  it’s  based on the likelihood of this program supporting that person to graduate. Somebody who’s taking more credits is more likely to graduate using this funding then somebody who’s taking 3-5 credits a quarter. Students who only take one class are not disqualified,however the more credits a student takes the more preference the student will have to get into the program.

What happens if Everett Community College early learning center is full? Washington state has their own quality control system for childcare centers called Early Achievers. Instead of  using an accredited facility, student parents can request to use any childcare provider if the childcare provider is rated at Early Achievers’ level three or higher. This system started  on October 1st of this year. Parents requested an application to CCAMPIS but the ELC was full at the time. Parents were asking about other facilities that had an opening but unfortunately, ELC department had to deny the parents because the facilities were not accredited but have a level three rating. Everett Community College wanted to change the program to make it easier for students to gain access to childcare where it’s most convenient for parents. Now Parents can apply to CCAMPIS with the accessibility to childcare off campus if the Early Learning Center is full. You can find more information about CCAMPIS and other childcare resources on the Early Learning Center page under Related Programs and Resource