This is the official website for Everett Community College’s student news-gathering organization, The Clipper.

One of the many Clipper boxes around EvCC’s main campus.

Up until Fall of 2014, The Clipper has been a print-first publication. The transition to online-first news is one that is advancing by leaps and bounds through community interaction and connection. The Clipper has served the student body and college community at large since 1943. Over the years, The Clipper’s styles have changed as have the students on staff, yet our purpose doesn’t change.

In January of 2017, the 75-year legacy of being a newspaper is now history. Going forward, The Clipper’s print edition is now in magazine format. Our print edition is available at many locations on campus.

This site builds on the presence that The Clipper has within the community. The organization is run by student editors who are constantly seizing new opportunities and looking for ways to grow.

The Clipper aims to have student voices heard, report accurate information and to reflect the EvCC and Everett community transparently.

On top of The Clipper print edition published every three weeks, new stories and multimedia will be posted here almost daily.

Visit The Clipper office in Whitehorse Hall. You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.