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The Art of Self Acceptance

Madelyn Olson, 2020-2021 Managing Editor of Digital February 11, 2021

I studied myself in the AOC makeup tutorial video, comparing the strange angles to what I see in the mirror. It doesn’t match up. Poisonous criticisms maddeningly swirled around my head to the point...

The Clipper Tries: Everett Coffee Crawl

Sydney Jackson, 2020-2021 Managing Editor of Content January 13, 2021

Owning a small business in 2020 was challenging, with pandemic hurdles around every corner. Many business owners hemorrhaged money out of their own pockets to keep their companies afloat while brainstorming...

Celebrating Holidays During COVID-19

Celebrating Holidays During COVID-19

Nichole Bascue, 2020-2021 EIC November 11, 2020

With COVID-19 rates continuing to rise in conjunction with the start of flu season, celebrations this fall and winter are most likely going to be in a way never done before. We’re still in a pandemic...

Séances are believed to be most effective in the dark, with candles an only source of light.

Modern Séance: Searching for a Connection

Sydney Jackson, 2020-2021 Managing Editor of Content October 30, 2020

Séances gained popularity in mid-19th century America during the Spiritualist Movement, when many people were open to contacting their loved ones in the afterlife. Mediums claimed to have the ability...

The Scoop on Student LIFE

Madelyn Olson, 2020-2021 Managing Editor of Digital October 9, 2020

We Don’t Talk About Black Women Enough: A Speech by Sophia Tekola

Jacob Dickson, Assistant Editor June 15, 2020

In front of a crowd of hundreds gathered around a stage in front of the abandoned Seattle East Police Precinct on Capitol Hill, several black women activists and leaders spoke out on a range of topics...

An Observation of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Amy Gilbert McGrath, Assistant Editor June 15, 2020

The people occupying the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle are prepared to stay for a while and have begun creating their own community co-op program. Gardens are being planted, food is being...

Three Noodle Dish Recipes

Dongmei Liang, Staff Writer June 12, 2020

Noodles with Soybean  Ingredients: 300g Pork belly, diced 1 Cucumber, shredded 1 Scallion, diced 100g Sweet pasta sauce   100g Bean paste   0.5oz Soy sauce    0.55g  Dark...

Speakers Share Personal Experiences at Everett BLM Protest

Nichole Bascue, Staff Writer June 11, 2020

Up to 1,000 peaceful protesters gathered on the corners of Everett Ave. and Broadway in downtown Everett on the afternoon of Jun. 6. The crowd then marched through the city, chanting with signs and fists...

Black Lives Matter Protest in Downtown Everett

Amy Gilbert McGrath, Assistant Editor June 8, 2020

Approximately 1,000 supporters came out to Everett on Saturday, Jun. 6, to wave signs and march for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Everett police briefly closed off all lanes of traffic at the...

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