Emailed Threat Leads to EvCC Closure


Michael Förtsch

Threatening emails have been sent to four different local colleges

Early Monday morning a threatening email sent to multiple EvCC offices caused a campus lockdown and closure. The lockdown began around 7:30am and was lifted by 9:30am. All classes and activities were canceled for the remainder of the day.

Though there was no immediate threat to anyone at the college, President Darrell L. Cain wanted to ensure definite safety to everyone. “EvCC Security put the college into lockdown this morning as officers worked with Everett police to assess the threat and the immediate safety and security of our campus. After that assessment concluded, I lifted the lockdown,” Dr. Cain said in an email that was sent out yesterday evening.

EvCC used social media to update students and faculty members on the emergency event (Screen Shot by Lilyan Beck)

In response to the Monday event, EvCC security officers are patrolling campus much more deliberately and Everett police are keeping an eye out in areas near campus. There has been no evidence of any physical threat and therefore classes have been resumed.

“Based on what we know now, I am reopening Everett Community College for in-person classes and services on Tuesday, May 10,” Dr. Cain said.

All that has been disclosed about the email is that racist language was used throughout it and the writer of the email talked about violent acts that would happen. Currently, EvCC is working with the Everett Police Department and the FBI to further investigate this email.

EvCC wasn’t the only college on lockdown Monday morning. At 8:42am, Skagit Valley College sent out a very similar message to what EvCC students received. “Skagit Valley College has issued a LOCKDOWN order. Please get yourself and others into the closest room and quietly await further instructions. Close all windows and shades.Turn off lights, remain quiet and stay low if danger is nearby. Move to the safest point in the room, away from doors and windows. Remain alert for additional announcements. Those outside should leave the campus immediately via safest route and method. LOCKDOWN,” the alert said.

An alarming email was also sent out to Bellevue College and Northwest College on Friday. Nearby schools that were not threatened are Bellingham Technical College, Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University.

The distance between EvCC and Skagit Valley College is about 20 miles (Screenshot by Lilyan Beck)

As for the schools in EvCC’s general vicinity, Whittier Elementary School did not go on lockdown, while WSU went on lockdown while EvCC did but continued with classes after. Whittier Elementary is the school that is right next to EvCC. Its campus is visible from EvCC’s parking lots. “For that school [Whittier Elementary], any closure or lockdown would be up to the district. EvCC provided information about the threat and the college’s response to the district at the time the lockdown was occurring,” EvCC’s Director of Public Relations, Katherine Schiffner said. The same is true for WSU Everett.

To remain informed on current safety threats to our campus, please subscribe to our emergency alert system.