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The student news site of Everett Community College in Everett, Washington

The Clipper

The student news site of Everett Community College in Everett, Washington

The Clipper

Back To Campus Quick Guide

Nate Feaster, Staff Writer December 5, 2021

As the school continues to have more in-person learning, it’s helpful for students to know where to go to find the essentials that make life on campus easier. Student Ambassador, Jake Avilla, shares...

A pro-union sign, protesting the proposed closure of ELC, at the on-campus rally on November 30th.

Breaking News: Staff Unions Rally Against ELC Outsourcing

Calvin Emerson, Staff Writer December 2, 2021

EvCC’s staff and faculty members gathered on-campus yesterday evening at the Jackson Center to represent the union known as the “American Federation Of County Municipal Employees” (AFCME) and to...

During the beginning of the pandemic, EvCCs nursing program switched to fully online for the quarter.

Studying Nursing Through COVID-19

Hannah Ochs, Staff Writer November 27, 2021

COVID-19 has been a detriment to the education of students everywhere. But for student nurses, they’re working right in the center of the pandemic while learning how to deal with these conditions in...

A beautiful Christmas display, with multi-colored lights covering a vast, suburban front yard.

The Holiday Stories of EvCC Students

Calvin Emerson, Staff Writer November 24, 2021

There’s something special about the holiday season. It’s these extravagant three months of time where a new celebration is always looming over the horizon. Once the costumes are put away, we’re already...

Safety at EvCC

Safety at EvCC

Lilyan Beck, Managing Digital Editor November 23, 2021

With the report of an alleged assault happening on campus recently, the question of how safe our campus is has risen quite greatly. Not only does our campus have to deal with the threats of where we are...

Black Friday 2021, What to expect?

Black Friday 2021, What to expect?

Chehayle Chandran, Staff Writer November 23, 2021

In 2020, Black Friday was canceled due to COVID. This year, shoppers are excited to return to this shopping extravaganza while following the CDC and store guidelines of masks and social distancing. Deals Closest...

Georgia Buchanan working at the front desk of the EvCC Cosmetology school.

Would the Cosmetology Program Like to Move On EvCC’s Main Campus?

Baydaa Alshatee, Staff Writer November 21, 2021

Cosmetology school is a commitment of time and money, and sometimes a lack of the college experience. Students have applied to the EvCC beauty school just to find out that the cosmetology campus is away...

Photo from unsplash

The “New Normal” Holidays

Monica Mora, Staff Writer November 20, 2021

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a holiday guideline for this year's holiday season celebrations and travel; so how are holiday celebrations going to look this year? Last...

(Unsplash Photo by Clarke Sanders)

Women of Color Leadership in Community and Technical Colleges

Baydaa Alshatee, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

For many years women of color and their ability to be leaders have been commonly overlooked, but perhaps times are changing at EvCC and in Washington state. According to EvCC’s Student Demos (2018-2019)...

Squid Games guards, shown here in loud pink jumpsuits, are treated just as disposably as its players.

REVIEW: Squid Game Is Really Clever Until It Isn’t

Colin Burns, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

It’s ten minutes into Squid Game. Seong Gi-hun has his back to the wall between two yellowed urinals, and a creepy money-lender is holding a bowl to his nose while threatening to harvest blood from his...

(Photo from Unsplash by Priscilla Du Preez)

Grounded in Gratitude

Anna Wilson, Staff Writer November 16, 2021

As students, faculty, and staff get ready for the holiday break and end of fall quarter, a significant action practiced and reflected on is “gratitude”. Tis’ the season for a thankful mind and a...

The school is at 25% of in-person classes due to the pandemic. (Courtesy Photo from EvCC)

Sarah Pemble: Success through Hardship from EvCC Alumni

Anna Wilson, Staff Writer November 7, 2021

As students start and finish their journeys at EvCC, it is often wondered where they’ve ended up since graduating. A now full-time mom and dedicated psychologist, Sarah Pemble has utilized EvCC as a...

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