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The student news site of Everett Community College in Everett, Washington

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A new chapter begins across Broadway

New resource center breathes life into student learning opportunities
Rob Ziegler
President Chemene Crawford and student speaker Vitalli Shvets at the grand opening on Sept. 28.

After a lengthy planning and construction process which spanning a pandemic and multiple delays, the Cascade Learning Resource Center had its grand opening ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 28.

“I’ve anticipated this day for many, many years,” Board of Trustees chair Jerry Martin said.

Martin was one of a handful of speakers who took the podium during the ceremony, which began with Vice President John Hudson reading a land acknowledgement, followed by two student speakers whose stories highlighted the importance of a place like the learning center.

“Education isn’t something we do alone,” said student speaker Ash Richer.

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Richer, who became a mother in the time between college stints, shared her experience as a second-time college student, expressing her gratitude for a child-friendly place where she can study.

She was followed to the podium by Vitalli Shvets, who five years ago walked into the EvCC library not speaking a word outside his native language of Ukrainian. Shvets emphasized the importance of a space like the learning center where students can feel safe and understood as they work to absorb knowledge. 

To conclude the ceremony, President Chemene Crawford and Shvets each took hold of one half of an oversized pair of scissors, stepped forward and cut the red ribbon at the front of the room, officially opening the Cascade Learning Resource Center. With that, the attendees began to mill about, exchanging pleasantries and exploring the spacious interior of the newly minted building. 

Walking up the central staircase to the third floor library, it is evident that a conscious effort was made to allow as much natural light into the space as possible.

“The light is genuinely one of my favorite things about the building because even on a cloudy, rainy overcast day it is always beautiful and spacious,” Dean of Arts Lynn Deeken said.

The new library is home to about 300,000 books of all varieties and is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays. (Rob Ziegler)

According to an EvCC press release, resources available to students include the John N. Terrey Library, the Tutoring Center, the Writing Center, the Russell Day Gallery, eLearning, Instructional Media Services, and the Center for Transformative Teaching, as well as 14 individual and 13 group study rooms. Also present is a child-friendly space for which priority is given to student parents. The library holds about 60,000 books, and nearly four times as many e-books, including textbooks for classes at EvCC. 

Of these resources, Deeken thought that the study rooms would be the favorites of students, and so far she’s right.

“My prediction was that students would gravitate towards the group study rooms, the individual study rooms and what I call the ‘diner style’ booths on the second floor. That was my prediction for the three spots that students would go to most, and that’s what they’re doing,” she said. 

With the learning center open and the resources available, it’s now up to the students to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to them.

“My hope is that students feel like, whatever kind of space they need in that moment, they’ll find it in this building,” Deeken said.

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