Letter From the Editor

Clipper Editor in Chief, Nichole Bascue, explains what Fall Quarter 2020 will look like for The Clipper


Nichole Bascue

Editor-in-Chief, Nichole Bascue

Welcome back students, staff and all members of the EvCC community. The Clipper has returned from summer break and we have yet to move into a post COVID-19 world. This means we will be embracing our roles as journalists in a digital only format. We will continue to bring you the news you want to know on our website and social media.

The overall structure of our coverage will be divided into six categories:
Plans, policies and events often impact the lives of EvCC students. The Clipper’s ongoing news coverage of the campus and surrounding community provides our readers with the information they need to know and explains why it matters.

Campus Life
Students return to EvCC to a radically different academic environment. The Clipper looks at how our campus has changed as classes move online, student groups look for new ways to connect and our community adapts to our new digital reality.

Beyond Campus
While COVID-19 has been a major disruptive force on campus, students are dealing with unprecedented challenges at home and work. The Clipper talks to students to see how they are dealing with their day-to-day lives beyond the campus during this extended pandemic.

Spotlight: Diversity, Equity and Social Justice
To help maintain and strengthen our reporting of the EvCC community this section brings attention to topics that are centered around diversity, equity and social justice. By using our platform to tell a variety of underrepresented stories we connect to our readers and remain a valuable source of accuracy and inclusion.

Good News
During this pandemic bad news has dominated media coverage, with stories ranging from economic woes to illness and death. In contrast, amazing acts of human kindness, ingenuity and spirit prevail. The Clipper looks to amplify the positive news in our community.

EvCC’s athletic department has been impacted by COVID-19. The Clipper talks to student athletes about lost seasons and looks to the future at how the pandemic is impacting recruiting and the future of EvCC sports.

Covid-19 has been a troublesome force for many of us, and we want to give you an opportunity to discuss your struggles or achievements. Click here to email The Clipper staff.

While this time is undeniably difficult it is important to remember we’re a community and here to help each other. We look forward to bringing you news and hearing your stories. Stay safe and let’s unite in the new normal together.

All the best this year,

Nichole Bascue Editor-in-Chief