Spring Quarter Delayed One Week

All necessary classes will be held online. Classes will go back to normal beginning April, 27

President Daria Willis announced today via email that the start of Spring quarter classes will be delayed by one week, moving from Apr. 6 to Apr. 13, ending the 10-week quarter on Jun. 18.  

During the first week of Spring quarter, as many EvCC classes as possible will be held online. The classes that must meet in person, such as aviation maintenance, labs and nursing clinicals will be practicing the social distancing that Gov. Jay Inslee as enacted.  

All classes are scheduled to return to their regular modes and times as laid out in EvCC’s Spring class schedule beginning Apr. 27. 

Student Housing will remain open the rest of the year. However, the Student Fitness Center and Early Learning Center will be closed until Apr. 27. “I encourage you to use EvCC student services available online,” says Willis. “If you cannot use those services, limited staff will be available on campus for critical student support functions.” You can check the Student Services webpage for their hours of operation.  

Willis also extended the tuition deadline to Mar. 30 in hopes to make things a little easier. “If you sign up for classes after March 30, tuition is due in five business days or by April 10, whichever comes first,” said Willis. 

She is confident that EvCC is built for the challenge. “Over the college’s 78 years there have been some tough times, but our students have a history of fighting for their education and coming out on top,” said willis. “I’m confident Everett Community College and its students, faculty, and staff will rise to face this challenge, too. After all, that’s what Trojans do.”

This is an ongoing breaking news story and will be updated as we learn more.

Read the full announcement and helpful steps on how to get registered for classes here.