Art Walk in Downtown Everett

The Everett Art Walk showcase event for Everett artists occurs on the first Thursday of every month. There are several galleries that take part in the Art Walk, some on a rotating basis. The Everett Art Walk occurred on Feb. 21.

Each stop on the monthly Everett Art Walk beckons with the warmth of light and a promise of vibrant art on a cold February night. Despite the chill outside a few people have ventured into the night to see the art and meet the artists. The stops are warm and some offer food, coffee or alcohol. A respite from the cold and a visual treat.

The first stop for many is Tabby’s Coffee, which is inside the downtown Everett Library. Tabby’s closes the earliest for the walk at 7 pm.

“I think for us, for the Art Walk, our shop is a little different. It is not our only source of income, so I can have the first time people who have never showcased before. So it gives somebody a chance to showcase that may not be able to get into another gallery because it’s not contingent on the money that we make,” said Dulcie Chase, owner of Tabby’s Coffee, “I’m always looking for artists.”

Chase says she has not yet shown any artwork from students at EvCC, but would love to have people from the college showcased in her gallery. She has shown work from people of all ages, even as young as three. Chase’s next step is to bring live performances to Tabby’s Coffee. She also has plans to reach out to the college art programs in the area.

At the Black Lab, Nicole Valencia bar manager welcomes in guests. Nicole Valencia is the daughter of the owner, Isabella Valencia.

“She (Isabella Valencia) loves it when people come in and are able to talk to her. Bring in samples of art, and she really likes to feature new people. People who are up and coming.” Said Nicole Valencia.

At the Schack Art Center, there were several events. The Regional Scholastic Art Fair awards showing of students work was also featured.

Artist Aaron LaChassee, a glass blower, was working at his craft during the walk. “Being an artist is a hustle. Got to show it everywhere. Just got to make it, get it out, see what happens.” Said LaChassee “Just do it. Do it it’s good for you. I think it’s important to display your work.”