EvCC Resources for Navigating the Workforce

An uneasy job market, due in part to COVID-19, has left current graduates staring down an unpredictable economic future. 

Picture of Matt Sigleman from his author profile here: https://evolllution.com/author/matt-sigelman/ . (Courtesy Photo from Matt Sigleman.)

“College graduates are seeing a dramatic loss in opportunity,” says Matt Sigelman, CEO of Burning Glass Technology, a real-time job analytics company. “At the peak of the pandemic back in May, job postings for entry-level college students fell 45% and that still hasn’t recovered.” 

Amid the chaos, however, some opportunities remain available, and the resources provided by EvCC and its job center are an example of that. 

More often than not, the skills and accolades gained from EvCC courses help begin or empower your career. The job center here at EvCC provides numerous resources for students, alumni and community members to polish resumes, develop interview skills and get in contact with employers.

The current job board on the school website gives students access to up to 1000 different part-time and full-time jobs as well as internship opportunities all around the nation. With an easy-to-access dashboard, students can search for available opportunities based on region and are then able to filter based on factors such as job function and industry. After putting in any preferences, all the eligible job opportunities available appear on the screen. 

The job search function allows you to filter choice by: Job function, Job industry, locations and keywords. (Screenshot of Job Board EvCC.)

Information regarding internships through the school can be found here. Clicking the link will lead you to a 7-minute video explaining the process of getting an internship. Along with the video is a plethora of resources ranging from tips and questions to other sources of internship opportunities such as the YouthWorks Internship Board. If you’re interested, the first step is getting in contact with your advisor. You can find advisors and their contact information here.

Students eligible for financial aid have the opportunity to take part in a work-study program featuring part-time, on-campus jobs in the library, food service positions, and office positions as well as off-campus jobs for students in human service, social service, business administration, early learning, education and more. You can find more information regarding work studies here and get into contact with the financial aid work-study team at  [email protected].

As the school continues to push toward opening campus in the Fall, stay on the lookout for information regarding the annual job fair which typically takes place in November. 

Lastly, if you are looking for a career here at our school you can find more information here and create an account to apply for a spot here. The website provides information on different benefits and statistics regarding our Trojan staff and tips curated for applying for jobs.

Sigelman says we’ve learned from past recessions that you tend to struggle when you start your career on the wrong side of the employment spectrum. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Those who graduate into underemployment are five times more likely to remain stuck in mismatched jobs after five years compared with those who start in a college-level job.”

As we progress further into our future in the workforce, it is as important as ever to utilize the resources available to us such as those supplied to us by the EvCC job center.