Artist Spotlight Q&A: Kayshawn Mounarath

Giving People Confidence, One Picture at a Time.


Savanna Eickerman

Kayshawn Mounarath poses outside of Whitehorse Hall.

Kayshawn Mounarath is an EvCC photography student, and the focus of this edition’s Artist Spotlight.  Mounarath talked about his work, and how he hopes to make other people feel good about themselves through his photography.

What inspires you to do your work?
Most of my inspiration comes from film, or music. A lot of the time you’ll see other photographers on social media, or throughout the world, they have different means of inspiration. I like movies, and I like music, so that’s where I get mine from.

Has it always been a passion for you?
Actually no. I didn’t even start getting into photography until after I graduated high school. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. One day I picked up my dads old camera and just started from there.

Are there any photographers that inspire you?
One of my favorite photographers is a commercial and portrait photographer, Samuel Elkins. I like his work, and he kind of has the same path that I have. He’s from Salt Lake City, and moved to Seattle. I was born and raised in Utah, so I found someone that has a similar path that I have.

What program are you taking at EVCC, and what do you want to do after that?
I’m doing the photography program. After, I’m planning on starting my own business. Or hopefully join a group of like minded people and kind of surround myself with people with the same goal and the same passion.

What kind of message do you hope to send with your art?
For me it’s always about delivering the photos to a client and seeing their reaction. Their surprise, going, “Wow, I didn’t know I could look like that.” It makes me feel good knowing I can make someone else feel good about themselves. It’s like putting confidence in other people.

Tell me about the images you chose for the Clipper.
I kind of just wanted a variety. Most of the time I take portraits, but with Washington and the weather, you can’t always get out all the time. I like to stay inspired by taking photos of other things than people. All those photos, I felt really good about them.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you work?
A lot of people think photography is super serious. But I see it as a freedom of expression, capture anything you want, the way you want. It’s not as intimidating as people think, I don’t think people should be scared to try it.

To see some of Kayshawn’s work, click through the slideshow below.
Find him on Instagram @kmounarath