Kate Agbayani

What interests you about journalism?

I loved the idea of being able to shed light on someone else’s story who may not always have the voice to share their personal views. Speaking for others and letting their voice be heard is what interests me the most about journalism.

Where does The Clipper fit into your long-term goals?

I want to major in broadcasting so being in the Clipper has helped me seen how a team works, especially when under deadlines.

What are you doing when you aren't at The Clipper?

I nap, religiously. And in-between those naps I’m binge watching movies and T.V. shows. But, if I’m feeling really energetic and productive I’ll go work out.

What is something you think everyone should do at least once?

To go hiking when it rains. Grab a few friends, pick an easy to moderate hike that you’re familiar with and wear some rad rain gear. It’s oddly satisfying and completely worth it.

What's on your bucket list?

Getting to go to a Cage the Elephant concert and a Childish Gambino concert is definitely on the top of my bucket list.

What is something that people are obsessed with you just don’t get?

Reality T.V. shows. They just seem really emotionally draining to watch. I’ll stick to my daily Twitter memes instead.


Kate Agbayani, Staff Writer

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