EvCC’s Ghost of Libraries Past (Video)

Black shadowy figures seen between library isles, grey apparitions without a torso sitting in chairs and lights turning on without notice are just a handful events that librarian, Heather Jean Uhl, has experienced over the five years she’s worked in the EvCC library.

Kate Agbayani
Heather Jean Uhl, librarian at EvCC.

Working in libraries since high school, Uhl said, “It’s always been my experience that there’s something around and what that something is changes.”

The EvCC library is no different. “It became very very clear to me that I had visitors” Uhl recalls after joining the library.

There’s plenty of history behind EvCC’s library and it’s not just in the books. One recorded death which took place in the library occurred on February 16th, 1987. Gary Parks, an 18-year veteran of the Everett Fire Department was killed in an arson fire which took place in the library.  (https://www.heraldnet.com/news/feb-16-1987-fire-at-everett-community-college/)

In order to honor Gary Parks for his bravery, the Parks Student Union building was named after him. Despite this event, the case still remains unsolved.

Kate Agbayani
Peeking down the book aisles, the first few rows of the book isles is another place where Heather Uhl has seen dark figures walking.

Having worked in the EvCC library for some time now, Uhl clarifies that, “Never have I ever felt threatened… and I actually like their company now. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.”

It’s unknown when the rumors of a ghost haunting the library began since rumors of the ghost have been around before Uhl’s started working in the EvCC library. There’s also no clear evidence if the said ghost haunting the library is indeed Gary Parks.

A library is home to many things: books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, graphic novels and in some cases, ghosts.