Rashell Dalton playing the game Onitama with club member, Raye Pheonix . (Kate Agbayani)
Rashell Dalton playing the game Onitama with club member, Raye Pheonix .

Kate Agbayani

Myth and Magic Club Brings the World of Fantasy to EvCC (Video)

January 23, 2018

The Myth and Magic Club is your ticket into the world of fantasy. Created fall quarter of 2017, this club isn’t the first Myth and Magic club at EvCC. While there’s no clear understanding as to why the first Myth and Magic club ended, this current one is sure to stay.

Gaining much support and help from the Japanese club, the Myth and Magic club has confidently added itself into the list of unique clubs at EvCC.

Not to be confused with the popular card game called Magic the Gathering, even though the club does play the game occasionally, the Myth and Magic club’s main purpose is to learn and share the various mythologies of the world.

With topics such as Japanese lore, Greek and Roman mythology and fantasy worlds, not only do members get to

learn about mythologies, but they are able to share any mythologies that peak their own interest, that way everyone has a voice that can be heard. Since many members getting a chance to dive into their personal topic preferences, the club will continue to have endless myths to explore.


Current club president, Zachary Blunck, who helped resurrect the club from its stagnant state, wants the club to be an inviting place where anyone can join and share their passion for mythologies. Blunck said, “I wanted to make an environment where members can unwind and relax, have some fun and even learn about some interesting topics.”

Rashell Dalton, the secretary of the club, initially heard about the club through a librarian in the school. Being interested in Japanese mythologies prior to joining, the club was a perfect fit for her. Describing her initial reaction to the club, Dalton said “When I heard there were a myth and magic club I didn’t really care what we were gonna do. I was just ‘oh hey if it’s something about mythology I’m interested.’”

Because the club is still starting out, they are open to the types of activities members can participate in. When evaluating the current state of the club, Dalton said “Right now we’re just sticking with the table-tops and card games. Basically, stuff that costs very little budget if any at all because there’s stuff that people own themselves and we like the fact that we can just enjoy a game without having to spend a lot of money.”

Although the Myth and Magic club is new to the roster of clubs at EvCC, Blunck has big plans for the club. Blunck hopes to “expand [the] scope of myths covered in the club and also [the] range of myth-inspired activities, such as movie screenings, creative writing sessions and the many kinds of games inspired by mythology.”

Already having a Numenera campaign, where club members take part in the tabletop role-playing fantasy game, and a Dungeons and Dragons campaign planned for next quarter, there’s a bright future for what this club has to offer for EvCC and its students. Club member, Christian Lopp, a math major, has found comfort joining a club like this. With an abundance of classes behind his back, Lopp said: “After taking all the other classes where your brain feels fried from all this thinking, it’s nice to come to a club where you could talk about history, mythos, a bit of philosophy and play games.”

And if creating and sharing myths isn’t your strong suit, there’s always a spot for those willing to learn.

Hoping to join this club? Their meetings are held in Nippon Business Institute (NBI), room 101, every Wednesday at 1:30-4:30 p.m.

Contact advisors Heather Uhl at [email protected] and Heather Bennett at [email protected] for more information.

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