Style Profile: Charles Caltado from the WHI Equipment Room (Video)


Emely Salvador

Charles Caltado, who works in the equipment room, poses in his spiffy jacket.

Charles Cataldo, a 24-year old employee and alumni at EvCC, has been at EvCC since his Junior year of high school when he enrolled in the Running Start program. After being at Everett as a student, he continued using the computer lab in Whitehorse Hall to edit his photographs.

Eventually, Fred Gilbert, the Instruction and Classroom Support Technician, hired Cataldo to work in the equipment room.

Cataldo describes himself as an introvert. He says that he finds it difficult to talk and make conversation with other people. “Dressing the way that I dress kind of compensates for that,” he said.

“I didn’t always use to dress like this,” said Cataldo. He has always dressed in a way that’s different from everyone else.

“I think feminine is the first word that comes to mind,” said Cataldo, describing his style. “I definitely look like an attractive female.”

“I just like to wear stuff that differentiates myself a little bit,” said Cataldo, “I don’t really like following trends.”

Cataldo usually buys his clothing items from thrift stores and small shops. “There’s this little boutique I go to in Snohomish called Blondie’s,” he said. “They only sell women’s clothes, but usually, women’s jackets fit me very well.”

“It gave me a lot of confidence to dress like this and to look a little bit different on the outside than everybody else and that comforts me.”