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Adrianna Vison-Montgomery

Adrianna Vison-Montgomery, Staff Photographer

Where does The Clipper fit into your long-term goals?
It helps me understand more of what direction I want to go with journalism or communications. It helps answer the question, "Do I like writing or photography better?" It gives me an idea of what would I love to do in the future.

What are you doing when you aren't at The Clipper?
I’m usually in class, watching sports, working, or listening to music (I always have my headphones in).

What is something that people are obsessed with you just don’t get?
Avocados, the texture is weird and mushy.

Who is your hero?
My hero is my mom - she fights no matter what and has gone through so much to give my brother and I a better life. From moving to Washington in 2007 from Las Vegas, to trying to be at every sports game for my brother and I, and just being supportive in anything and everything we have done. She is who I inspire to be and more. I cannot thank her enough for all she has given us and still provides as a mother, wife, daughter and friend.

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