Leaving the Nest

College Students Discuss Their Dorm Experience in a Q&A.


Adrianna Vison-Montgomery

Courtyard at Cedar Hall dorm including ping-pong tables and fire pits.

One of the great steps of many college students, in addition to starting their career is to leave their home to study, which can sometimes take them many miles away. Leaving the family nest and learning to live with other students in a dorm is a fantastic experience and a way of understanding life. It allows us to be more independent and we must be prepared to open ourselves to a new world, with new challenges, meeting new people, new experiences and new situations. These many changes sometimes produce uncertainty, for which it is necessary to gain information. Everett Community College (EvCC) students were asked what life in the dorms is really like. 

Q: What is one thing you wished you knew before moving away from home? 

A: “I wish I knew that moving away from home is not easy and that I would encounter obstacles that could hinder my main objective and goals.” – Katalina Nail 

“Life will be hard without having someone to cook for you while you are doing homework.” – Leysky Fernandez, EvCC freshman

“I wish I knew how to use the iron for clothing.” – Mirei Maejima 

Q: What surprised you about dorm life? 

A: There are a lot of activities for the people living in the dorms to do together. – Lucia Hoy

“It surprised me how close to people I can live, and this way I don’t feel lonely being away from my family.” – Katalina Nail

“It is super dirty, and there are so many more problems with people than I thought. But it is fun at the same time.” – Chinami Vanessa 

“Figuring out and understanding that people live so different from how I grew up.” -Kaytlin Chavez

Q: What are the pros and cons of living in the dorms? 

A: “Pros of living in the dorms are that you don’t need to wake up very early and you can take naps in between your classes. Cons are that since you are living by yourself, nobody will take care of your things. We are students so we still need to take balance with studying and doing chores, which can be very stressful sometimes.”

-Mirei Maejima 

“The pros are that you make a lot of friends, it is close to the campus and the staff makes activities all the time for the residents. Also, it is really fun to be independent. Cons are the rules, bad roommates, and the cost of living.”  – Leysky Fernandez

“Pros of the dorms are that it is really close to the college, good for socializing and it’s a real student life environment. Cons are laundry costs, the rules are too strict sometimes and the beds should be more comfortable. Also, there is not a lot of things to do nearby.” – Lucia Hoy

“Pros would be that you never feel lonely. Cons are that it is hard to concentrate on studying before exams.” – Chinami Vanessa 

Q: Do you have any advice for people that would like to move to the dorms? 

A: “Make sure you learn how to cook and how to clean your room by yourself. Otherwise, you will starve and your room’s smell will become awful.” – Mirei Maejima 

“Prepare yourself to be patient with your roommate and try to say when you don’t like something, be clear.” – Leysky Fernandez

“Do your dishes and always keep your room clean. It makes the space more enjoyable.” – Ansel Lima

“There are many strange people outside, especially at night, so be careful when you walk outside on your own.” – Shin Kato 

“Just be ready to socialize and make friends, because living with roommates forces you to interact.” – Katalina Nail

For more information about moving into the dorms visit: https://www.everettcc.edu/programs/academic-resources/international/housing