Attention Moviegoers: Upcoming Fall Films

Relax, Recline, and Enjoy.


Adrianna Vison-Montgomery

Regal Cinemas Alderwood 7 RPX theatre.

Alderwood Mall Parkway is a hot spot for shopping, dining and entertainment, a place where having fun is all year round. There is one hidden gem that doesn’t get a lot of attention with AMC being around the block, which is the Regal Cinemas Alderwood 7 RPX theater.

Located at 3501 184th St. SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037, in a quiet corner hidden from the main road, it is a stunning sight to see once your eyes lock onto its view.

People refer to the theater as The Glass Theater, due to its all-glass frontal structure which glistens and shines at night with an inviting glow. Their RPX theater room has leather recliners that will make you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the newest films to hit the big screen.

A great place for a date night, family movie night or just to treat yourself to a night out. For the newest movies coming soon to the screen, check out Regal Cinemas Alderwood 7 to relax, recline and enjoy.

Samantha DeTavernier
Written by Katina Brown
Graphics by Samantha DeTavernier