Yesterday’s News April

European External Action Service, CC 2017
World leaders met at a Brussels conference on April 5 after the chemical weapons attack on Syria that left at least 80 dead and more than 500 injured, according to BBC news. The Syrian military denied any responsibility for the attack. The chemical used, Sarin, was fired upon Damascus in 2013, though President Bashar al-Assad denied charges. Chemical warfare is prohibited in the Geneva Protocol.

Gather around, boys and girls. This month’s news is hot off the press and ready to be devoured. To sweeten the deal, we’ll throw in some nifty headlines to get an idea of what you might’ve missed.

What: Slow-moving landslide closes State Route 530

Where: Oso

When: April 7

Source: KOMO News

Small and slow, the landslide still prompted evacuation recommendations and closed the road. The deadly 2014 mudslide that killed 43 and buried Highway 530 occurred 1.5 miles east of the area.


What: Tornado touches down, knocks over RV’s

Where: Monroe

When: March 30

Source: Q13 Fox

The tornado passed through a dealership and moved dozens of RV’s, flipping several. One car was crushed, but there were no fatalities or injuries. Washington averages three tornados per year.



What: School shooting kills teacher and student

Where: San Bernadino, California

When: April 10

Source: The Sun

Special education teacher Karen Smith and 8-year-old student Jonathan Martinez were fatally shot by Cedric Anderson, Smith’s estranged husband. A second student, Nolan Brandy, was injured in the exchange. The shooting came months after the San Bernadino terrorist attack that killed 14 and injured 22 at a Christmas party.


Around the Big Blue:

What: Evacuations resume after deadly bombing

Where: Syria

When: April 19

Source: CBS News

Thousands of citizens continued to evacuate from four areas of Syria after a bombing that killed 120, mostly women and children, days before. At least 3,000 residents left Foua and Kfarya for Aleppo, and some 500 left Madaya and Zabadani for the rebel-held Idlib province.