2016: The Year of the Trojan

How Your Fellow Students are Working on their New Years Resolutions


Emma Kilgore

 A student leaves the Walt Price Student Fitness Center.


Happy New Year!

The calendar has flipped from December to January, and with the turn of the year comes the tradition of New Year’s resolutions.

To some it’s just the time to buy a new calendar. To others it’s the time to make a change in their lives. But not every student at EvCC is on board.

“I don’t have a resolution this year,” student Sami Abdallah said. “I’ve done them in the past, like eating healthy and exercising, but that’s just carried over into this year.”

Student Shelby Selfridge isn’t making any New Year’s resolutions either.“It’s more of a popularity thing,” she said,”If I were to ask my friends what their resolutions were, I’m sure they’d all say the same thing.”

Students at EvCC gave the same answer re-worded a dozen times over. Long story short, people are getting fed up with failure each year. Some don’t even want to try anymore.

Great atmosphere, tasty food and cozy chairs this way.
Emma Kilgore
Great atmosphere, tasty food and cozy chairs this way.


Are New Year’s resolutions going extinct? Easy answer: Nope. For a tradition that’s stuck around for 4,000 years, it will take more work than a few students giving up to erase it out of existence.

No joke, resolutions can be traced back to Babylon times. According to history.com, the ancient Babylonians resolved to pay off their debt and return borrowed farming equipment. Sounds like America could learn a thing or two about that.

Fast-forward to  present time, resolutions have stuck around year after year despite the 8% accomplish rate, given by the University of Scranton. The majority is not ready to give up.

But please, don’t think that you have to make a New Year’s resolutions. The students that didn’t had a different approach.

“The turn of the year is just a new day. Every new day is a new start,” student Acacia Smith said. “Why wait ‘till the end of the year to change yourself?”

Her friend, Acacia Aguan, plans on focusing more on her education.

Whatever you do this year, know that it’s okay to fail. You learn not to trip over the curb the second time around, right?