EvCC Learning Resource Center Breaks Ground

Construction crews have started work on the Learning Resource Center (LRC) at EvCC. The LRC has been in the works for several years now and is expected to be finished by March of 2023.



Rendering of the LRC in the 2020 LRC presentation


The LRC began as a way to add more space to EvCC’s now somewhat small and hard to find library. The library houses thousands of books and periodicals, several private workspaces, about two dozen open tables, and computers.

After the Pre Application for the LRC was submitted in May of 2019, opinions began to form. Some were excited to have more space for the library and add more classrooms to the campus, while fears of distance and students having

Screenshot of the LRC plans

to cross main roads were the main concern for others. The campus will extend across Broadway and the Library will be half of a mile from Gray Wolf Hall, making it ten times further away than it is currently to the teachers and students in the writing building.

When talking to students on campus this Fall quarter, a few things became obvious: Many students that are attending classes now do not know about the LRC and most likely will not be affected by it, as it’s completion is set for two years in the future. When the situation was explained to a few students, conversation was mostly indifferent. “We’ll see how it goes,” said EvCC student Nicholas Wiley.


Moving the library and other critical rooms across the street poses many challenges for students. It may take longer to get to class due to the large hill that the campus is on, as well as crossing the five lane wide street. This also poses a threat to students who have a seeing or walking disability. With less than a minute to cross a five lane road, some students may not be able to safely cross in time.

Construction Crews Move in to break ground for the LRC on Sep 20th, 2021

In 2019, students and faculty organized a protest of the new LRC. At the time the plans for the project had just been released and the campus felt very strongly against having a major component of campus across a busy road. Index Hall had also been torn down, creating a large open field (now called the green space), which would be closer to the central campus for the new LRC.

Although nothing came of the protest, teachers openly shared the building plans with students and encouraged students to make sure their voice was heard if they felt strongly about the new location for the LRC. In 2020, EvCC received funding for the LRC during the chaos of COVID-19.

New Campus Layout

While location is a major negative, there are many positive parts. The new LRC could more than double the size of the library, which is in dire need of space. Not only is the current library limited by its location underground, but there is only one full size classroom in the library. Adding more rooms for classes to meet or for events to be held opens up the campus to a new opportunity for students and educators. The new LRC will contain more than a few classrooms that will be in the same building as the library as well as more study rooms and tables for students to utilize.

Apart from students crossing the road, there are not too many concerns about the LRC and the project holds a lot of value for the college. “We already go across Broadway for AMTEC” says Ivan, an EvCC Security Guard. When asked if he was excited or concerned he said “I’m excited, it looks great.”

“I am excited about the Cascade Learning Resource Center. It’s a much-needed upgrade to our existing facility, and will bring together resources in one place so students won’t have to run around so much.” Says John Olson, Executive Director of EvCC Foundation.

Screenshot of the three dimensional layout of the LRC from the LRC Presentation.

“I am excited about the additional space students and their families will have for learning. The college has outgrown its current library, which was built in 1988. EvCC now educates three times as many students than we did 30 years ago. I am also excited that the LRC brings together crucial services in a single building, with the LRC serving as the home of the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, and eLearning.” Says EvCC President Daria Willis.

The LRC is scheduled to be completed in roughly two years or sooner, just in time for the end of the pandemic.

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