Back To Campus Quick Guide

As the school continues to have more in-person learning, it’s helpful for students to know where to go to find the essentials that make life on campus easier.

Student Ambassador, Jake Avilla, shares some tips on where to go to find resources inside of the Parks Student Union Building. PSU has many different places like the bookstore where a student can find necessities like textbooks, binders, pencils and even food. Inside the building is also Student Life, where students can find Student Ambassadors just like Avilla who are there to help guide students and connect them with other advisors. Now that more students are coming to campus they will have the opportunity to find all these resources.

According to Katherine Schiffner, EvCCs director of public relations, “Fall quarter, 2,786 students, or 37 percent, of for-credit students, were enrolled in a class that included all in-person instruction or some in-person instruction (hybrid classes).”

The amount of students who will be on campus during Winter quarter was not stated by the director. She did mention half of all EvCC for-credit classes will be instructed in-person and or hybrid. The other half will be offered online. Schiffner stated the information was provided to her from the Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Cathy Leaker, who received the information from the school’s department of Institutional Research.

Avilla stated he has already noticed more students out and about and is looking forward to having more students on campus. More students means more in-person activities, study groups and classes. “I’m really excited to see more students,” Avilla reiterated, “…excited for the future.”

Check out all the resources that Student Life has to offer by clicking the link here!

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