The Artistic Community: EvCC Students Share their Love for the Arts

Outside the Ceramics Studio in Whitehorse Hall. It is a sanctuary for many artists on campus.

Alexis Jones

March 7, 2016

EvCC has an extensive art program and the artistic community on campus continues to grow. The students involved in the arts on campus are involved for many different reasons; some want to be able to open up their own art studio, while others find it great stress reliever. EvCC offers so many opportunities...

Now Showing at Russell Day Gallery: Paul Vexler

A student looking at one of Paul Vexler’s wooden sculptures at the Russell Day Gallery on Feb. 18.

Mikayla Grill, Staff Writer

March 3, 2016

In a room filled with giant wood sculptures and art swinging from the ceiling, students find themselves in awe of the larger than life art pieces created by artist Paul Vexler. Vexler uses wood to make suspended sculptures for certain sites, and gallery shows or collections. His art is currently on...

Stachio Glowaski: Whitehorse’s Favorite Barista

Stachio Glowaski, 23, the barista at Bargreen’s on the first floor of WHI.

Abby Tutor, Staff Writer

February 29, 2016

You walk down to the first floor of Whitehorse Hall, turn the corner and hear some mellow music playing. You will likely be greeted by the barista at the Bargreen’s coffee stand with something like, “Hi my friend, what can I get for you today?”. That barista is none other than Stachio Glowaski,...

From Childhood Dreams to College Majors

Emma Kilgore, Staff Writer

February 29, 2016

Ever had a childhood dream? It didn’t have to be specific or realistic. Some kids want to be a superhero or police officer. Others, a trampoline maker or a doctor. Others just want to be make people happy. So think back to what you wanted to be growing up. Do you have it in mind? Good. What are...

PROPELS: Peers Mentoring Each Other

Monica Aguilera, Managing Editor of Print

February 25, 2016

PROPELS stands for “peers reaching out promoting educational learning success,” yes that is definitely a mouthful, but what does this really mean? Fellow students volunteer to help out incoming students, no matter what background anyone comes from. PROPELS recognizes that EvCC has a wide range...

Not Just the Computer Guy: A Profile on Fred Gilbert

Fred Gilbert loves photography and working in the photo studio. If a student ever needs help with their camera, he is always willing and excited.

Alexis Jones, Staff Writer

February 15, 2016

You might know him as, the guy who came in to fix the computer or the guy who you check out equipment from. Fred Gilbert is much more; he is a photographer, a foster parent and an EvCC staff member of 16 years. In his 30’s, Gilbert’s main job was being a stay-at-home dad, with a part time job...

 Mazzawi, A Passionate Math Teacher At EvCC

Mazzawi in class helping student, Drew Beam, said, “seeing my students achieve their goals is very rewarding. Giving back is what keeps me moving and motivates me to give more and more.”

Michelle Hecker, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

The math department at any school isn’t really known for being the life of the party, let’s be honest, and EvCC is no exception. Thick Arabic accent, warm welcoming personality and the unmistakable ability to push you to do your best are all things Mrs. Mazzawi’s students, present and past,...

“Feel The Bern” At This New Club

A ‘Feel The Bern’ flyer lays on the table at the first meeting of the club. Students introduce themselves with ease knowing they all share one thing in common: supporting Bernie Sanders.

Abby Tutor, Staff Writer

February 11, 2016

With the presidential election coming up in November, the media is buzzing with updates on candidates. You might be thinking, who am I going to vote for? Here at EvCC, there were no political clubs until recently. As of Jan. 28, a new “Students for Bernie” club was formed thanks to Justyce Wr...

Sharper Than the Sword: EvCC’s Writing Club

The Writing Club is proud to have Flynn as the ongoing president for two years.

Emma Kilgore, Staff Writer

February 8, 2016

Frank Dunn, EvCC alumni reads aloud his poem as other students follow on the handouts. “I see an eagle soaring,” he says. “What does this freedom bird think as it is exploring?” He finishes and listens as his peers give their responses. One asks about the true meaning and Dunn replies with...

Shane and Emily Live on Campus

Emily Grace and Shane Anderson singing at their live concert held in the PSU cafeteria.

Monica Aime Aguilera, Managing Editor of Print

February 4, 2016

Known for their quirky and fun personalities on stage, Shane Anderson and Emily Grace drove from Tampa, Florida to perform at EvCC. If you look at The Clipper twitter feed (@everettclipper) you’ll find a few short clips of the duo singing on stage, they performed a few cover songs and mash ups that g...

Pacific Pipeline

Gabriel suited up in her EvCC uniform. She made the move to Everett from The Big Island of Hawaii.

Ricky Hester, Sports Editor

February 1, 2016

The most typical description of Hawaii to most people, whether it be in the movies or on TV,  is a place where people want to go and relax in the nice warm sun, along with the beautiful sandy beaches, in the warm weather. Crystal clear water for miles with nothing but the sea in front of them. ...

 New Quarter Resolutions:  New Year, New Quarter, New You

The Walt Price Student Fitness Center is available to all EvCC students for free use during normal business hours. Located at 2206 Tower Street.

Michelle Hecker, Staff Writer

January 28, 2016

New Years resolutions are old news and people aren’t really doing them anymore, or are they? Well, not in the same traditional sense but people do still set goals at the beginning of something new to improve themselves, to do better and ultimately to be more happy. Students at EvCC are looking to...