Everett Coffee Shop Review: Potential Study Spots Near Campus


Dzenita Musabegovic

Community-oriented and artistic, Cafe Zippy’s menu is filled with raw-, vegan- and gluten-free options.

With finals on the horizon, college students are locking down good study habits, maintaining their schedules and attempting to keep the stress levels to a minimum. In order to do all of this, we need a relaxing and safe environment to study.

Here are a few study spots within a three-mile radius of EvCC that are great places to crack open a book and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

Dzenita Musabegovic
Let in the light! Choux Choux Bakery’s wall of windows and pastry case.

Choux Choux Bakery

Located on 2900 Grand Ave, “Choux Choux Bakery” is a privately owned and very welcoming bakery that not only is known for its incredible pastries, but also has the perfect set-up for a study space.

There are outlets by every table, so people can plug in their phones, laptops, etc, with no hassle, and the bakery offers free wi-fi. Choux Choux is known to carry amazing comfort food, and they can make a good cup of drip coffee (that has unlimited refills).

Owner Rachel Schreffler says, “The customers tend to dictate the energy of the environment most of the time, which tends to be more on the mellow side. On any given day you will find a rotating handful of repeat customer-students working away solo on their laptops or with a fellow student.”


Cafe Zippy

Tucked into the Northwest Neighborhood, on 1502 Rucker Ave, is “Cafe Zippy.” Like many other cafes they offer an incredible atmosphere and free wi-fi of course, but what really makes this spot really stand out is it’s occasional live music, and diverse choice of cuisine.

Dzenita Musabegovic
Some of Cafe Zippy’s organic, sustainable and locally sourced goods.

They offer a variety of  raw-, vegan- and gluten-free-friendly foods and beverages. Zippy’s also uses organic, sustainable and locally produced products. Even when you’re not studying this seems like the place to be.They hold community artwork, poetry open mic, and documentary films from time to time. It’s the perfect place to lounge around in and read a good book.


Silver Cup Coffee

A spot that everyone knows, but is still worth the mention is “Silver Cup Coffee,” located at 2707 Colby Ave B in Downtown Everett. This local coffee shop is known for its friendly staff and latte art. It’s also another great spot to get some studying done.

Being located in the heart of Everett, it’s a very classy and professional place that has a large variety of different crowds that come throughout the day. It’s also a spacious coffee shop, which allows you to have your own space and concentrate on your studies.