How This EvCC Student Fell in Love Volleyball

Finding the balance between sports, school and a social life is something that takes a special skill to master. But Hayley Hansen has managed to do just that.

“At first, I wasn’t interested (in volleyball),” Hansen said. “My best friend convinced me to try out for the team. I have loved volleyball ever since.”

Starting out her sophomore year of high school, Hansen has developed as a player alongside her best friend, Jessica Bechtholdt. The duo met their freshman year at Granite Falls High School and have been inseparable ever since.

Their friendship is also what led Hansen to EvCC’s volleyball program. “My best friend was going to open gyms and invited me along one night,” said Hansen. “That first night, the volleyball coach, Robyn Peckol-Fillimaua, offered me a scholarship to play and I took it.”

But it’s not all fun and games for Hansen. As a nursing student, she always makes sure that school comes first.

Hansen does her schoolwork whenever she can, sometimes between practices. Her volleyball schedule is set, which allows her to go with the flow and manage all of her various arrangements.

While Hansen enjoys her time on the court, she does not see a practical future in it. However, she is hopeful for additional scholarships. Hansen said, “(If a college) likes me enough to offer me a scholarship, I would be interested in taking it.”