Flying High Above Everett

Tired of Shopping? Try Ziplining at the Mall

Abby Tutor and Amelia Asprey


Abby Tutor

A view of the zipline positioned near a suburban neighborhood; the clear sky helps to calm any nerves.

Abby Tutor, Staff Writer

A 470 feet zipline ride awaits you in the Everett Mall parking lot. A company called Zipline Junky recently set up near Regal Cinemas for adventurous shoppers.

For just $10, during the day you can ride with the view of the sky in the reflection of the pond. By night the line is lit up; the Zipline Junky crew decorates the lines with string lights when it gets dark.

At first glance the zipline looks like it’s going to be a quick, boring ride. But when I stepped off the ledge and sunk into the harness it actually felt like I was flying. It reminded me of California Soarin’ in Disneyland. The feeling of the wind blowing past me and the glistening water right below was different from any other experience.

The zipline is available Monday through Saturday 10-9 p.m. and Sunday 11-6 p.m. Anyone from 40-250lbs. and a maximum height of 6 feet and 3 inches is welcome to ride. The next time you’re out shopping at the Everett Mall consider exploring your wild side.