On-Campus Personal Safety Guide

As EvCC transitions to more in-person classes, personal safety goes beyond COVID-19 protocols. All campuses can experience crime, and EvCC is no different. One of the best defense tools for students is information. 

Below is a collection of EvCC’s safety methods and support for students:

Rave Alerts

These alerts occur in real time and keep students informed of campus closures or an emergency. They can

come in the form of a text message to your phone or an email to your personal account. All student email addresses are automatically enrolled in this program.

To sign up for Rave Alerts:

Go to MyEvCC

Click ‘Emergency Notification’

Click ‘Log in to Emergency Notification’ to update your account information

LogIn Screen from “MyEvCC” to access and update Rave Safety Alert for students and employees. (Screenshot by Nichole Bascue.)

Clery Report

EvCC isn’t required to announce certain crimes, such as sexual assault, in a Rave Alert. The most complete and accurate way to see what type of crime occurred and where it happened (which campus location or in the dorms) within EvCC is with the annual Clery Report. This can be found on the Campus Safety and Security page

This report is required by all colleges and universities that receive federal funding to be released by Oct. 1 and must include statistics of campus crime for the preceding three years. EvCC’s 2020 statistics begin on page 51.

Students also have access to the Campus Crime Blotter. This is a monthly report of incidents on campus and in the dorms instead of waiting for the annual Clery report.

Security Office

Your tuition helps pay for many on-campus resources, one of which is the EvCC security office. Security officers can be the first point of contact for those on-campus in a distressing situation. Knowing where the office is located along with who the officers are can help create a safer environment. 

EvCC campus safety and security page, which includes quick links, annual crime report and various other safety tools. (Screenshot by Nichole Bascue.)

Security’s in-office hours vary, but their phone line 425-388-9990 is staffed at all times, every day of the year including holidays. During security’s in-person hours of operation, they provide escort service for those at EvCC. This service extends to all satellite sites such as the cosmetology school in Marysville. 

Larea Sylvester, EvCC security officer and EvCC alumni, who answered the phone on Memorial Day at 9:28 p.m. said, “Security is here 365, 24/7, rain or shine. They’re available to provide escort to and from vehicles and buildings. This is for staff, students and visitors. They just need to call.”

Students can report crimes, an injury or safety hazards in the office or here.

Parks Student Union, Room 226

Phone: 425-388-9990

Non-emergency email: [email protected]

Blue Light Emergency Phone 

In case of emergency, throughout the main campus are specialty phones topped with a blue light. These are one-button speakerphone stations that directly connect the user to the security office’s constantly monitored phone. 

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease and more students gather on campus, it’s important to remember personal safety goes further than washing your hands and wearing a mask. It takes knowledge, awareness and unity among the EvCC community to keep all students safe from crime.

“Code Blue” Security assistance call box outside of the Parks Student Union. (Nichole Bascue)