Where Do You Poop on Campus?

Where Do You Poop  on Campus?

Water Closet, Lou, Bathroom, The Crapper what ever you call it everyone uses them. Some people try to avoid them on campus at all cost, and with some of the bathrooms we agree with that sentiment. The Clipper set out on a journey to visit every bathroom on the EvCC campus in order to give them a rating and in order to help you the ordinary EvCC student pooh in peace and comfort.



Floor 1: Closed
Floor 2: This was another old bathroom on campus, as soon as I walked in the smell of vinegar assaulted me. With its brick walls it feels like the place kids would hang out and do drugs in an after school special. There was really only 1 facility in here to use as the other was closed. Cell service was alright just especially slow.

Floor 3: This bathroom was the best in Rainer hall, but not by much. It was by far the cleanest but still had that fun old quality to it. There were 2 whole facilities in here though, so that’s nice. The down side was cell service was very bad and I was not able to load a page. So if you’re in Rainer and you need the bathroom go to Parks.


Floor 1: Closed
Floor 2: On the second floor of Rainier down a winding hall is a bathroom with a huge wooden door. This is the best bathroom in the Rainier building. It’s roomy and clean with a high ceiling, brick walls, but only two orange bathroom stalls. It has a lactation room, but you have to call the number on the door for access to it. It has good Wi-Fi connectivity also.

Floor 3: This bathroom is located on the same floor as all the math classes, so it gets a ton of traffic. Maybe this is why there is almost always a line in-between classes and there is always stuff on the floor or left in the toilets. There are only two stalls and the wheelchair accessible one is currently out of order. On the bright side it has nice mirrors and good Wi-Fi, although you probably won’t want to stick around long enough to actually use it. I give this bathroom two out of three poops.

Parks and Student Union


Floor 1 (Library): This bathroom was clean and I appreciate that it was not all white walls, there was some tile on them as well as some pleasant posters to read. There is 4 facilities, but at one point it looks like there was 2 more judging by the pipes sticking out of the wall. Cell service was pretty bad and I was not able to open a new page.

Floor 2 (Ground Floor): This one was very similar to floor 1, a bit dirtier with some water and paper towels on the ground. This bathroom has more facilities to use 5 in total and the cell service was better as well; I was completely able to use my phone.

Floor 3: This was once again similar to floor 1 & 2, but cleaner. This one is a bit more out of the way at the end of the hall so it does not get as much use by students. Still 5 facilities, and the atmosphere were good, not all plain white walls. Call service was pretty good just a little slow but not bad at all.


Floor 1 (Library): If you’re looking for a place to take a peaceful poop or do a little reading, the library bathroom might be the bathroom you’re looking for. It gets plenty of traffic, but even so it’s like the library, super quiet and has good Wi-Fi connectivity. It is fairly clean and has a friendly atmosphere. It has six stalls some with broken locks and feels a little cramped.

Floor 2: Near the bookstore next to the elevator is a door with a sign that says open slowly. This is so you don’t smack into another person on the other side of the bathroom door. This bathroom is cramped and pretty dirty most of the time. There are six stalls, but most of them have broken locks. There is usually a lot of traffic in this bathroom, but it has decent Wi-Fi. I give this bathroom two out three poops for having lots of stalls and Wi-Fi.

Floor 3: It is pretty much the main floor bathrooms twin. It has pink counter tops, a happy ocean poster, six stalls with messed up locks, but decent Wi-Fi. The only difference really is location, an out of order stall and it’s usually out of paper towels and is slightly dirtier than the main floor bathroom. I give this bathroom one out of three poops for being one of crappier bathrooms on campus.

Baker Hall


The bathroom here was a different story, it definitely felt old. But it took me back to elementary school it had an especially grimy feeling to it. There were only 3 facilities to use in a very small space. Cell service was ok but slow, but I am not sure why anyone would hang out in there long enough to use their phone.


Outside of Baker Hall is an alcove leading into a dingy, but surprisingly warm bathroom. It is has two stalls and a message etched into the larger ones door that says R+A=Awesomeness in case you get bored. The Wi-Fi is good and it’s pretty clean and comfortable for an outside bathroom. Everything is great, until it’s time to wash your hands and you find out that both sinks only have cold water. The hot water doesn’t even drizzle. Isn’t that a sanitation violation or something? I give this bathroom a one out of 3 poops because hot water is kind of really important.

Monte Cristo


The only the bathroom I could find in Monte Cristo was in the out side over pass part outside of the building. When I walked inside it felt like I went back in time to elementary school in the 90’s it was very strange. It was clean though, even though it felt like I went back in time. There 8 facilities in the small space. Cell service was surprisingly good though.


Montecristo does not have any bathrooms inside the building itself. The closest bathroom you will find is located in the breezeway connecting the Montecristo and Baker hall buildings. Upon entry the first thing you will notice is the three cheery yet strange looking orange bathroom stalls surrounded by light pink wall tiles. The next thing you will notice is that floor is usually wet for some reason. This can be problematic sometimes because this makes toilet paper want to stick to your shoes. The overall atmosphere is not so great and in-between classes this bathroom tends to get a lot of traffic however the Wi-Fi connectivity is solid and that makes things nicer if you’re going to be in there for a while.

Grey Wolfe


Floor 1: The bathrooms in Grey Wolf are okay, not the best. Floor one is small and narrow so if it gets to crowded it is obnoxious.. There were 4 facilities in there. The walls were all white only accented by the grey stalls. Cell service was terrible, little to no service in there.

Floor 2: This bathroom is similar to floor 1, a small space with white walls. This one was a little messier with some water and garbage on the ground. There is also 4 facilities in this one, as far as cell service, it was still very bad, maybe a little faster.

Floor 3: The cleanest bathroom in Grey Wolf, but that’s not hard to say they were all pretty clean. Still similar to 1 & 2 with the white walls of blandness. Cell service was a smidge better then 1 & 2 though I was able to open a page just slowly. It was oddly cold in there, so if you’re a warm blooded person in Grey Wolf this one is good for you.


The Grey Wolf Bathrooms on floors one, two and three are almost completely the same. They are new, grey, big, with six stalls each, have fancy hand dryers and a button that electronically opens the door. They also get a ton of traffic and are dirty a lot of the time. The third floor is usually a little cleaner. There is usually toilet paper everywhere by the end of the day. There is no Wi-Fi in any of the bathrooms. I give the Grey Wolf bathrooms a two out of three poops for being fancy and shitty at the same time.

Jackson Center


This would be my choice for best bathroom on campus. Nice dark brown wooden looking floors and 5 facilities. It was impeccably clean and the cell service was great, not slow at all. I felt fancy walking it, it was an odd feeling.


One of the worst bathrooms on campus, in my opinion. It smelled, bad. It also felt kind of cramped, and everything felt “noisy.” It was fine, it was a bathroom and did what it was meant to do with it’s three stalls and matching three bars of wifi. But I couldn’t get past the stentch. Honestly, if you have the option, don’t use it.

Shukson Hall


Floor 1: This bathroom had a similar layout to floor 2, with the lovely brown tile floors and white walls. There are the same 4 facilities here. I was able to identify the smell here as urine, it was not very pleasant. Cell service is still ok just slower then normal.
1 out of 3 poo emojies

Floor 2 (Ground Level)
This one had some nice old brown tile on it, so it was a bit hard to know exactly how clean they were. There are 4 facilities to use. There was also a funny smell coming from an unknown location in the bathroom. Cell service was ok still just slow.


The bathrooms in Shuksan have five stalls each, lots of room, blue counter tops, pink tiles with black grout (which makes it look a little yucky) and large mirrors that stretch the whole length of the counter. These two bathrooms have a cozy feel, Wi-Fi and are clean most of the time. I give the two identical bathrooms in Shuksan a two out of three poops for being generally a nice place to poop.

Fitness Center


Floor 1: Five facilities for use. This was a clean bathroom, there was a little bit of water on the ground but that’s not too bad. Very white walls so the atmosphere inside is not the best for taking a big one. The cell service inside was actually great though, and I could easily load pages.

Floor 2: Four facilities. This one was a much smaller space then floor one, and there was a strange smell permeating the space, this could be due to the rubber floors. Cell service was good in this room as well, not as fast as floor 1 though.


Floor 1: Four different toilets here. This was a very clean bathroom, there was some water on the ground and a little bit of paper towels on the ground. There are crazy white walls so you might go kind of crazy if you are in there for to long. The cell service inside was pretty good, I browsed on my phone without hinderence.

Floor 2: This one is a much smaller space then the first floor and as soon as I walked in there was an odd smell in the air. It is pretty similer to the bathroom on floor one just in a smaller space. I was able to sit and use my phone alright, it did test my payience a little bit.

White Horse Hall


Floor 1: This one gets the least amount of use in White Horse, so it was the cleanest with no water or anything else on the floor. The same layout and color scheme though. There was only 4 facilities in here though. The cell service was slower but I was able to open a page it just took longer.

Floor 2 (Ground floor): All the bathrooms in White Horse have a similar layout with white walls and orange tiles. Not the best atmosphere to sit in. Floor 2 was all right still water on the floor, so that’s a bit odd and kind of gross at times. There is 7 facilities to use in this one Cell service is ok still just a little slow.

Floor 3: The bathrooms in White Horse have a strange orange tile in all of them. On floor 3 there is 6 facilities for use and it is a nice open space. It was a smidge dirty when I was there with water on the floor and counter. Cell service was ok only marginally slow.


Floor 1: The smallest of the bathrooms; it had the least amount of stalls and sinks of all the bathrooms. However, it was probably the quietest of all of them, but that’s probably because it’s one of the lesser used facilities in the building. The bathroom had the least amount of wifi, coming in at a whoping two bars. However, I didn’t have much trouble finding a signal.

Floor 2 (Ground Floor): This is the bathroom that I use the most, personally, so I’m familiar with. It had nine stalls, including a disabled stall of course. It was the brightest of all the bathrooms in White Horse Hall. The sinks and floor were a lot wetter than the other bathrooms, though, but that’s probably because of the high usage. It had three to four bars of wifi service, depending on where you were and which stall you used.

Floor 3: Loudest. Bathroom. Ever. I swear it felt like I was in a wind tunnel when I was in there. While all the bathrooms in this building are reasonably identical, the one major difference with this bathroom is the noise factor. It looked identitical to the second floor, minus the water-all-over issue. If you can get past the apparent airplane taking off next to you, the wifi service was fine; a perfect, solid four bars.

Liberty Hall


Floor 1: Being one of the newest buildings on campus, Liberties bathrooms are nice. Floor one is a small space with 4 facilities for use. A good atmosphere, kind of tight so if your claustrophobic this one might not be for you. It was very clean though and the cell service was ok, it took a little longer to load a page in there.

Floor 2: loor 2 had a very similar feel to its bathroom. Small space and pretty much the same except the cell service was not as good, I was not able to open up a page on the Internet. So if its cell service you care about then floor 1 is for you.


Floor 1: Liberty Hall is one of the newest buildings on campus and thus the bathrooms are very nice. Its a rather small room though, so it could get tight in there. I was totally able to use my phone without any trouble.

Floor 2: loor 2 had a very similar feel to its counterpart bathroom on the first floor. its is also a Small space but cell service was surprisingly bad in there., So if you need your cell phone to survive then, yhis one is not the room to take a poop in.