Time for a Getaway? A Guide to Vacation Spots in Washington


photo courtesy of the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

For students looking for getaways that won’t break the bank, Chelan has many Airbnb options. Splitting the cost among a group of people can make it really inexpensive.

With Memorial Day weekend and summer coming up, here are a few of Washington’s vacation spots that are easily accessible and won’t make too much of a dent in the pocketbook.

The San Juan Islands

If searching for a cheap and quick getaway, the San Juan Islands are the perfect place to head with a few friends for a cheap and quick getaway. There are 172 named Islands and reefs in San Juan County, and the most popular of those are San Juan Island, Orcas Island and Lopez Island.

Samantha DeTavernier

EvCC student Alexa Davis says, “I suggest the San Juan islands in the summer. They are a quick drive up to Anacortes and a ferry ride away. The fun part of going to the islands includes traveling there by ferry which is a unique experience to most. You can camp there for days or make it a quick, cheap trip by starting early in the morning and taking the last ferry back to the mainland.”

There are two main ferries that head towards these Islands, The Friday Harbor Ferry and The Anacortes Ferry Terminal. Taking your car with you, depending on size is $12.05. While just being a single passenger costs $8.50.

Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores is a small city on the coast of Washington State and another highly requested vacation spot. Student Ali Alrubaie says, “Ocean Shores is one of my favorite places for its beautiful scenery and it’s a nice little town with great food options like the Apple Cup Cafe.”

Samantha DeTavernier

Ocean Shores is known for its relaxing vibe and a perfect area for a family or friend vacation. Some popular activities in this area are renting mopeds or going horseback riding on the beach. Since Ocean Shores is just about 3 hours away from our EvCC campus, it’s a practical vacation spot for students that won’t be very pricey and isn’t too far away.

Lake Chelan

Eastern Washington is known for its quaint college towns and sunny vacation destinations and is a great place to explore and get a nice tan. The warm weather is really what attracts students to come down to this part of Washington and soak up some sunshine.

Student Hannah Sykes says, “I like to go spend time in Eastern Washington during Memorial Day weekend, although it is a bit of a long drive.”

Samantha DeTavernier

A very common place for students to go to in Eastern Washington is Lake Chelan. This beautiful, 50.5 miles-long lake has so many great activities to get involved in during a getaway. This includes hiking, swimming, camping, and even a water park. Chelan has many Airbnb options, and splitting the cost among a group of people can make it really inexpensive.

Eastern Washington is also known for its beautiful state parks and national wildlife refuges like Lake Chelan State Park, Wenatchee Confluence State Park, and Gingko Petrified Forest/Wanapum Recreational Area. If looking to partake in nature, this is the perfect spot.  


On the other side of the Cascade mountains, in Central Washington, is a little town called Leavenworth. If you’re familiar with Washington you’ve probably heard about this Bavarian-style town. It’s known for its beautiful Christmas lighting and Oktoberfest during the colder seasons.

Samantha DeTavernier

During the warmer seasons, it’s great for hiking, beer festivals, exploring the town, and even floating the Wenatchee River. Leavenworth also holds a summer theater program that has been raved about throughout the years. World class artists come down to perform at the Snowy Owl Theater at Icicle Creek Center for the Arts.

EvCC student, Hussein Al-Salman says, “I’d say Leavenworth is a good spot… there is river rafting, local restaurants, and even great camping sites if you’re into that.”