Fashion Through the Years at EvCC

Fashion Through the Years at EvCC
Joanne Wu, Staff Writer May 17, 2017

Begin with the End in Mind

Kianna Lewis
Rilee Louangphakdy, Staff Writer May 15, 2017

A Look Inside this Spring’s Drama Production

Director Michael Schwartz onstage helping the actors to get the scene prepared for the live performances.
Candice Day-Darby, Staff Writer May 15, 2017

Retail Horror Stories

Keegan Samaniego is a political science major and has been at EvCC for two years.
Joanne Wu, Staff Writer May 9, 2017

Spring On Campus

Students were participating in a game of Hacky Sack and more and more people joined in as the time went on. Some students were experts and doing crazy tricks while others were being taught how to play.
Emilee Kyle, Staff Writer April 24, 2017

Emerald City Comicon

Hannah Lovett, an eLearning Program Specialist, performs for children and their parents as part of the Jet City Saber Guild.
Katja Wahl, Managing Editor-Visuals March 14, 2017

Dakota’s Tattoo Journey

Williams said, “This is why I get tattoos, to tell a story and show off who I am.”
Nathan Senff, Staff Writer March 14, 2017

Model and Student

Charlee Pilon’s first ever test shoot when she was 14-years-old.
Joanne Wu, Staff Writer March 7, 2017
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