Begin with the End in Mind

Kianna Lewis
May 15, 2017

If you plan on transferring after graduation, then you’re part of the outnumbered crowd at EvCC. “Of new students who come into EvCC seeking a transfer degree, roughly 24% end up transferring to...

Ideological Diversity Thrives at EvCC Republican Club

Everett College Republicans take pride in their Washington roots.
May 15, 2017

Americans are more polarized today than any time since the Civil War, and that was 150 years ago. It’s no secret that Seattle and the surrounding area is well-known for its liberal policies and...

A Look Inside this Spring’s Drama Production

Director Michael Schwartz onstage helping the actors to get the scene prepared for the live performances.
May 15, 2017

College students everywhere constantly make excuses everyday about why they didn’t do their assignments or for why they missed class multiple days in a row and little do they know, but they are acting;...

Nursing Students Getting Ready for Medical Relief Trip

Group picture of the 2016 nursing students who went on the trip
May 15, 2017

Every year, a group of 22 EvCC nursing students and three nursing instructors venture to the Dominican Republic to provide medical relief for local communities. The nursing students spend a week inside...

Retail Horror Stories

Keegan Samaniego is a political science major and has been at EvCC for two years.
May 9, 2017

We’ve all been there. Either you’ve had to deal with an angry mom or you were the angry mom, and it’s no fun either way. But regardless of whether you’re a former retail worker, current retail...

Chloe Downs, EvCC Student and Cancer Survivor

Chloe posing for her senior pictures,  about a month before her diagnosis.
May 8, 2017

  Three days before her high school graduation, Chloe Downs was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Downs had already completed two years of college at EvCC and was ready for her future. However,...

An Insider’s Look at the Servers Behind Your Lunch

Juno Valencia
April 24, 2017

'The Snohomish Bakery is the food service provider that cooks, sells, and serves food to EvCC students in the Parks Student Union building. Among the staff, a few of the workers are fellow EvCC students;...

Spring On Campus

Students were participating in a game of Hacky Sack and more and more people joined in as the time went on. Some students were experts and doing crazy tricks while others were being taught how to play.
April 24, 2017

It's been a rough and long winter for Washingtonians. EvCC students have seen a mix of rain, hail, snow, thunder, and just about everything, sometimes even all in one day. At EvCC, the walk from the parking...

Emerald City Comicon

Hannah Lovett, an eLearning Program Specialist, performs for children and their parents as part of the Jet City Saber Guild.
A tale of nerds, geeks, and fans
March 14, 2017

Nerds, geeks and cosplayers, oh my! During four days in early March, this is all the eye could see in downtown Seattle near the convention center. Why, you ask? The yearly event known as Emerald City...

Dakota’s Tattoo Journey

Williams said, “This is why I get tattoos, to tell a story and show off who I am.”
Capturing a life story through tattoos
March 14, 2017

The Seattle skyline and never-ending horizon of Evergreen trees make for an iconic scene. On Dakota Williams, it’s something more. The 21-year-old EvCC student has tattoos that were thought of...

Model and Student

Charlee Pilon’s first ever test shoot when she was 14-years-old.
Charlee Pilon
March 7, 2017

When EvCC student, Charlee Pilon, showed up for her high school track meet at 14 years old, she didn’t plan on being recruited by a modeling agency. But a flight to Los Angeles later, Pilon began...

EvCC Students’ Style

Taylor Anumodu
March 2, 2017

To some, fashion isn’t that important to them. But to others, fashion is a way of expression and an art form. There’s also no right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion. So, with that in mind,...

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