Sweet Story: Campus Clubs Showcased at Candy Land Club Fest

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Sweet Story: Campus Clubs Showcased at Candy Land Club Fest

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The Candyland Club Fest, which happened on Jan. 31 in the Parks Student Union, was a scene of community and engagement.  The fest was a gathering of EvCC’s 45+ clubs, with crafts and the well-known magician Nash Fung in attendance. Not all clubs attended and some tables remained empty throughout the event. Despite the no-show-ers, there was an abundance of clubs who did attend.

People passed in the corridors with laughter and the sounds of chit chat. The machine whirring of coffee makers from the cafe. Smells of food wafted through the corridors. Cotton candy is made in front of Student Life. A rainbow of hues as everyone eddies and swirls in an almost-dance as they stop at the booths, mingling. The crafting of valentine hearts; paper and glue. Sparkly red and pink foam hearts.  

Some of the clubs were politically themed. Both the College Democrats and College Republicans clubs had much to say about student involvement in politics. “I think it’s important to be politically involved. Especially nowadays…To think about politics more because it does affect every one of us,” said Bret Benzion, member of the College Republicans club. 

Madi Gilbert, president of College Democrats and ASB VP of Budget said, “We do a town hall every year, with the College Republicans and we’re going to debate. We share ideas on lots of different subjects.” The Town Hall takes place this year Feb. 27, from 1 to 3 p.m. at Jackson Center.

There were numerous types of clubs aside from the politically themed clubs. Some clubs were there to support different types of majors.

“My favorite thing about SNO is that it’s very supportive. Nursing students and people that are interested in it, and if you’re feeling like, ‘Ah, this is overwhelming. I can’t do this…’ [it’s] very supportive,” said April Lumbert, who is the Student Nursing Organization (SNO) co-president with Sam VanProyen.

Some groups included those that aimed to explore both history and culture, such as the Black Student Union (BSU).

“Just because it’s Black Student Union does not mean we’re exclusive, we’re an inclusive club. It’s just learning the history and the culture of African Americans and Africans,” said Mariama Jeng, BSU president, and ASB senator.

About the club fest, many club members seemed to enjoy it.

“I like doing club fest. I think it’s a lot of fun – to hang out and talk to people about their writing and stuff.” said Sophie Campo, Writing Club secretary.

For a list of campus clubs, organizations and contact information, visit Student Life to learn more.

Click through the gallery for photos from the Club Fest:

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