EvCC Women’s Basketball Advances to Elite 8

The EvCC Women’s Basketball Team beat Clackamas 102-77 in the Sweet 16 and advance to the Elite 8 game tomorrow night on Friday March 9 at 6pm PT.

A solid crowd was on hand to witness the Trojans play, which included players from the EvCC Baseball team who provided supports from the stands.

Right from the opening tip off, the teams played with intensity and battled. “Right away we came out fired up”, said freshmen guard Nakiya Edwards. “We haven’t come out like that in a really long time.”

In the first quarter alone, Everett had scored 20 points compared to Clackamas’s 19 points.

Despite a close score line, the Trojans were never once concerned that their backs were against the wall.

“This was a great match up for us” said Assistant Coach Rob Balderas. “Even when they came back and tied it I just felt we were in control.”

While the Trojans were playing their smart and unselfish style of basketball like they had done throughout the regular season, working the ball around the perimeter, there were many missed 3-point attempts. Uju Chibougwu was 0-7 from downtown  coming into halftime but led the Trojans in defensive rebounds with 9 and assists with 4 assists. Chibougwu was an integral link in EvCC’s buildup up play to the basket.

One of the bright spots and an unsung hero for the Trojans in the game was freshman guard Nakiya Edwards.  Edwards came off the bench as a substitute in the second quarter. She would lead the team in 3-pointers made and attempts going 5-11. Edwards was vital in the third quarter as the Trojans scored 35 points pulling away from the Cougars.

The Trojans went on to win, hitting the century mark for only the second time this season and surpassing their highest scoring total when they beat Clark 100-74 back on Dec. 17 in the preseason.

Among the top performers was Chibougwu, who finished with 18 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists. “In my mind she is the strongest force”, said Balderas. “She’s an incredible passer for a big girl. She passed for shots that normally she would take because we had a better shot opportunity somewhere else.”

While the Trojans can celebrate yesterday’s victory they will have to go to battle again. This time against Big Bend today at 6 p.m.

“You don’t get a day two if you don’t finish day one.” says Balderas. “We are playing like it’s the last game of the year and leave it all on the line.”