5 Changes On EvCC’s Horizon

5 Changes On EvCCs Horizon

John Yeager and Derek Williams

The mid-range and long-range Master Plan is a plan regarding future developments of EvCC’s campus. The plan was adopted in 2014.

1. Learning Resource Center

The most hotly debated portion of the Master Plan is the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The center will be available to students for help with coursework and will provide additional resources. The debate around the LRC surrounds its potential location. The Board of Trustees is currently considering two options for where it will be located on EvCC’s campus, across Broadway or in between Gray Wolf and Shuksan. The first choice presents exciting opportunities regarding the quality of the LRC. Through a partnership with WSU Everett, the LRC could be more extensive and better equipped than a possible LRC on EvCC’s campus. However, greater accessibility for students is the primary concern and part of the push for the LRC to be closer to the center of campus.

2. Green Space

While EvCC is in agreement that the campus needs more green space areas, the location of the LRC will drastically affect green space development. With one potential location for the LRC being on top of Index hall and our current green space, grass could be lost. However, the Board of Trustees is considering a quad on the other side of Broadway if the college were to build additional buildings.

3. Future Parking

With parking being one of the most commonly talked about issues at EvCC, it comes as no surprise that potential parking additions are included in the Master Plan. If EvCC were to build a parking garage, it would not be state funded, so funds would need to be secured through a charged fee by EvCC. Other factors to the parking subject include the surrounding residential areas, where students often park. EvCC is looking to increase the number of students who use public transportation and limit the amount of parking that leaks into the surrounding neighborhoods.

4. Pedestrian Bridge

With ties to WSU Everett strengthening and possible EvCC buildings being built on the other side of Broadway, a pedestrian bridge connecting the two campuses is becoming realistic. The city of Everett can see up to 40,000 cars per day at the intersection of Tower St and North Broadway, so the flow of traffic during construction is a concern.

5. Future Remodels

As a college, EvCC is always trying to improve, both logistically and aesthetically. A proposal to remodel Baker Hall is due at the end of December, and the current Master Plan calls for Index Hall to be knocked down. EvCC is also looking to add new buildings to the other side of Broadway. This ties into the push for more green space, where the possibility of a quad in between WSU-Everett and potential EvCC buildings comes into play.


This article was updated on 12/7/2017 in order to fix an error which misrepresented the area across Broadway as WSU Everett’s campus instead of EvCC’s.