Sex, Intimacy and Relationships

Sex Week Day 2


“Change happens in dialogue,” Allena Gabosch said, “the best teachers are the teachers that got us to speak.”

Gabosch, a sex-positive speaker and activist, ran the “Sex, Intimacy and Relationships” workshop yesterday in Jackson Conference Center from 2:30 to 4:00pm.

Students sat in a circle and worked together to define relationships, intimacy and sex. Gabosch highlighted how these three things are often confused. The group discussed intimacy, a word that is often confused with sex.

Gabosch said “for me, intimacy is what I call the heart connection.”

The group discussed healthy relationships with and without intimacy or sex, as well as different examples of these.

“I love talking to students and I love spreading the sex-positive word,” Gabosch said as the workshop came to a close.

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