Letter From the Editor

Clipper editor, Daniel Albert, explains what Spring Quarter 2020 will look like for The Clipper.


Savanna Eickerman

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief of the EvCC Clipper.

A Letter From the Editor –

Hello staff, students and the rest of the EvCC community. On behalf of the whole Clipper news team, we welcome you back to school and hope you are all staying safe during these unprecedented times.

As our world adapts to a new normal, so will our coverage. As journalists, our job is to report the news our readers need to know. Because of that, The Clipper will look a little different this quarter.

Beginning Monday Apr. 13, 2020 we will no longer be releasing a print edition of our magazine. All future publications for Spring Quarter will be released via our website until Fall Quarter of the 2020-2021  academic school year, where at that time, the print editions will resume. 

The overall structure of our coverage will be broken up into the following six categories:

HARD NEWS: News continues to break daily as our community adopts plans and policies to deal with the evolving reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Clipper’s ongoing news coverage will look at these latest developments as they happen and will provide the EvCC community with the news it needs to know.

CAMPUS LIFE: Students return to EvCC this spring to a radically different academic environment. The Clipper will look at how our campus has changed as classes move online. Student groups will be looking for new ways to connect and our community will adapt to our new digital reality. We will look for how these changes are unfolding. 

BEYOND CAMPUS: While COVID-19 has been a major disruptive force on campus, students are dealing with unprecedented challenges at home and work, as well. The Clipper will talk to students to see how they are dealing with their day-to-day lives beyond the campus during this pandemic.

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: COVID-19 is a global issue and EvCC has students from all over the world. From international students stuck in dorms to students back in their home countries, The Clipper will look at how EvCC students are dealing with family members abroad and how this international perspective is impacting our community. 

SPORTS: Like most areas during the pandemic, EvCC’s athletic department has been impacted by COVID-19. The Clipper will talk to student athletes about lost seasons where some ended their careers without a final game, and look to the future at how the pandemic is impacting recruiting and the future of EvCC sports.

GOOD NEWS: During this pandemic bad news has dominated media coverage, with stories ranging from economic woes to illness and death. But there have been amazing acts of human kindness, ingenuity and spirit. The Clipper will look at the positive and sometimes surprising ways our community has responded to COVID-19.

Many of us have been affected by this virus in more than one way. As a result, we want to hear from you. Tell us your story. There’s a chance that this virus sticks around for a while, so reach out to us via email and let’s talk about what’s going on. If you have a story you want to tell about how you’ve struggled through this global crisis, click on this link and share your story. 

It is important in times like these to come together as a community and help each other out. Good luck this quarter on all your classes and stay safe. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Daniel Albert, Editor-in-Chief