Outgoing Letter From 2020-21 Managing Editor of Digital


Madelyn Olson

2020-21 Managing Editor of Digital Madelyn Olson.

I entered my second year on The Clipper unsure.

Unsure of my abilities, unsure of this career path, and unsure of who I was. Throughout the year as I delved into writing articles on women’s issues, the picture started to become clearer. 

Every facet of my life has been shaped by being a woman. Experiences related to my gender made me feel jaded, but interviewing women and having the privilege to tell their stories this year was cathartic. I went into journalism/communications not knowing my exact career path, but I can now confidently say I want to work for a women’s non-profit.

Producing content and being in a leadership role have given me more confidence and empowerment than I have ever felt. I would not have been able to do it without the support from the strong women surrounding me. Having the privilege of working with fellow editors Nichole Bascue and Sydney Jackson was a special experience that I will always treasure. Not only did we work great together as co-workers and collaborators, but I feel as if I made friends for life.

My growth this year has been immeasurable, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to write and work for The Clipper. I feel more like myself than ever.

Yours truly, 

Madelyn Olson, Managing Editor of Digital 2021-21

Managing Editor of Content Sydney Jackson, Managing Editor of Digital Madelyn Olson And EIC Nichole Bascue. (Madelyn Olson)