Staying Caffeinated on Campus

EvCC students and Bargreen’s baristas discuss the energizing drinks and treats offered on campus.


Savanna Eickerman

EvCC students wait in line to order from Bargreen’s espresso stand located in Parks Student Union.

Imagine that you are cold. You are tired. You have an English essay due at midnight.

For many students, a hot cup of coffee is the answer to these problems.

It’s no secret that college students are in need of caffeine, and a lot of it. That’s why Bargreen’s Coffee Company is here to supply the demand.

Bargreen’s Coffee Company was founded in Everett in 1898. It is the closest coffee option for students attending class, having two locations on campus. There is one on the lowest level of White Horse Hall, and one next to the cafeteria in the Parks Student Union building.

Savanna Eickerman
EvCC student Jessica Conroy prefers sweet coffee drinks when she orders from Bargreen’s.

If you’re looking for a quiet and cozy place to enjoy your morning cup, White Horse is the place for you. If you’re looking for a convenient place to stop by on your way to class, Parks is your best bet.

For some, coffee is part of their daily routine. “[For me] it’s like a habitual thing,” EvCC student Dakota Ross says.

“I mainly [drink coffee] to get a boost of energy,” EvCC student Jessica Conroy says. Some of her favorites include a creme brulee latte or a caramel macchiato.

Pulling shots, serving pastries and delivering Redbull to the hands of tired students is how you’ll find Lainey Cooley, a Bargreen’s barista. Cooley has been a Bargreen’s barista for over a year and an EvCC student for three quarters.

Savanna Eickerman
Bargreen’s barista Lainey Cooley at the location in EvCC’s White Horse Hall.

According to Cooley, the most popular drinks she serves are white chocolate mochas. For those who dislike the taste of coffee, there are other options too. “Redbull’s super popular year round. Even now I’m going through like a case a day,” Cooley says.

Cooley has her own favorites, too. “I do a pink lotus with a different flavor every day,” she says. “I get so bored with the same flavors everyday.”

If you’re someone that marks their calendar for the start of the holiday drink season, Bargreen’s has you covered. “We actually keep seasonal flavors here year-round,” Cooley says. So don’t be afraid to ask your barista for a rich peppermint mocha in June or a coconut Italian soda in February.

Coffee might not be the answer to all of your problems, but a warm caffeinated cup might just help give you the energy to solve them.

Savanna Eickerman
Bargreen’s barista, Lainey Cooley, prepares a hot latte at the Bargreen’s stand in White Horse Hall.
Savanna Eickerman
A hot latte prepared by EvCC Bargreen’s barista Lainey Cooley.