Behind the Wheel

Colton Corden, a student at EvCC, rolls onto campus on a unique set of wheels.

Corden drives an imported Skyline R32, a popular Japanese tuner beast. However, Corden’s acquisition of the car wasn’t easy. “I reached out to a guy by the name of Carlos Noriega, he currently lives in Japan and owns a company in Washington by the name of RHD Specialties,” said Corden.

RHD Specialities legally imports cars from Japan and gets them ready for the American Market. This import service helps get rid of a lot of the legwork aspiring Skyline owners must go through in order to drive the car in America.

“I’ve always dreamed of having an R34 Skyline since I was a kid,” said Corden. He continued, saying, “But they are currently still illegal for import, so the R32 is the next best thing.”

Corden has worked extensively on his Skyline, pouring much of his hard-earned cash into upgrades for the car. “It was bone stock and a great starting point for me,” said Corden.

Considering Skylines typically run north of $25,000, Corden had to put in a lot of extra work in order to get his dream car. “I work at Crown distributing, and I took every shift I took in order to pay for it,” said Corden.


By Derek Williams, Staff Writer