Spring On Campus

It’s been a rough and long winter for Washingtonians. EvCC students have seen a mix of rain, hail, snow, thunder, and just about everything, sometimes even all in one day. At EvCC, the walk from the parking lot to class can seem like an eternity when it’s pouring rain or freezing cold. Some days it feels like the sun won’t ever come out again. On the rare occasions that the sun does come out, the whole environment on the EvCC campus changes.

Walking through campus on a warm, sunny day, you’ll see people studying outside, students strumming their guitar and banjos, and a group playing a game of Hacky Sack. Because of the sunny weather, everyone seems so much happier and like they are truly enjoying themselves.

A bonus to all the rain that we have in Washington is all the beautiful flowers that come in the springtime. The flowers on campus are blooming and bringing color to daily walks to class. It’s rare to get a sunny day at this time of the year in Washington but when it happens, EvCC students take advantage of it and enjoy it as much as possible.