A First Look Inside The New Learning Resource Center

The LRC Is Set To Open In The Spring Of 2023


Jerrilyn Brower

A view of the new LRC, while construction still is going strong, lots of the inside of the building is complete

Everett Community College is working on completing its new learning resource center (LRC) located across Broadway Ave. Changes have been made since The Clippers’s last update, these changes are especially noticeable driving past construction or when waiting to make a left turn onto campus. The building now stands near complete with flooring, lights and windows all installed. School officials are hoping to open the LRC during the 2023 Spring quarter.

Some of the concerns of the new LRC location involves accessibility and the distance from main campus over to the LRC. In 2018, The Clipper published an article discussing the “heated debates” that occurred with the transportation of getting to the LRC, at the time one student, Marlene Barnes stated “That hill is not an easy hill.” Barnes was a student who used a walker. As these spark concerns, the administrators have made plans about creating a pedestrian bridge that will make access easier. However, the funds would have to be provided by other organizations. Since that story was published it has been announced that a federal spending bill will allow the bridge to be built.. While the new LRC seems to be far from the main campus, the AMT will also be set there. Parking on the main campus can get hectic and full, however the new building taking place there will also open more parking spaces for students and faculty.

Walking into the building, students stumble by blue gravel that is set to look like the Deltas in the Puget Sound. A project created by local artists, the gravel is designed to look like waves towards the entrance where the water comes together just like students coming together. This is the vision that Dean of Arts, Learning Resources, and Pathways Lynn Deaker and the rest of the team wants.

Students will be welcomed by other students who will be working in the info hub of the building. The idea behind being welcomed by students is that it provides other students comfort when it comes to receiving help. “Students can speak to students [differently] than teachers can.” stated Deaker. These students working will be in charge of the library and getting help for those in need. If interested, applications could start throughout the Winter. Stay tuned for information involving applications.

One of the common area inside of the new Learning Resource Center. Multiple of these spaces will be available to students and faculty alike once the building opens in the spring of 2023. (Jerrilyn Brower)

The Russel Day art gallery will also take place in the new LRC, with more artwork to demonstrate. The art gallery shares the same space as the current gallery and will include more art exhibits to host which will create easy access to the Everett community.

There is also a new gathering room that can host up to 70 people that can be used by students and faculty. It can be utilized with lecture series or as a research room. This room will be provided with white boards, computers, and a projector.
The new create space and emerging tech will be the home of new cool tech gadgets such as higher level software and VR devices. There will be multiple different spaces with computers as well.

The current LRC is scattered throughout different parts of the building or campus, but with the new LRC, they will all be in the same building and color coordinated. There will also be two gender neutral bathrooms, along with family bathrooms.
The administrators and the team of architects are creating more spaces for faculty, students and even parents. There will be a couple of fixed rooms available for students in order to feel comfortable, welcomed, and free. Along with a parent child area, in which students are more than welcome to bring their children while they work in the library. There have been custom cubbies made for them as well.
A Grand Opening has no set date but the new LRC is hoping to open its doors during the Spring quarter of 2023.