EvCC to Receive 2.25 Million Dollars in Title III Grant Money

Money will go to multiple different ares over the next five years

It was recently announced that EvCC was selected to be the recipient of a 2.25 million dollar federal grant. This will be paid out in 450,000 thousand dollar increments over the next 5 years. The title three strengthening institutions grant is awarded every few years and is regarded as the “Super Bowl of grants” By EvCC Vice President of Instruction Cathy Leaker.

EvCC originally applied for the grant back in 2020, hosting campus-wide events, getting feedback from students and compiling data to submit the comprehensive application. After submission, EvCC found in 2021 that they would not be receiving the grant. “(We were) .333 of a point off,” said Leaker.  When there is enough money left over from the initial release of the grants, congress will give out a second round and that is when EvCC learned it would be receiving the grant.

The grant money will allow the college to achieve multiple goals; First of which would be allowing EvCC to hire more success coaches in different pathways like transitional studies. EvCC also plans on setting up a place where all financial aid options, including the food pantry can be in one spot instead of scattered throughout campus and the building of a “career and experiential learning center.” Said Leaker. The center would help EvCC grow its career development service, help add apprenticeships and internships and set up a place so “whatever pathway you are in…. You get to experience the world of work or undergraduate research.” Said Leaker.

Another goal of the grant is getting EvCC’s “academic credit for prior learning” program up to date. “We are a little behind the game on building out that resource.” Said Leaker. The program is key for students the college considers to be non traditional learners. The grant money will help EvCC make the program more accessible and easier to navigate.

All of the items listed in the grant will be rolled out across a five year period. The grant primarily focuses on helping EvCC grow programs for students who fall into a low income or more marginalized category. “(We) have to be focused on those students.” Said Leaker.

The grant also comes at a great time for EvCC. “We’re struggling financially right now, with low enrollment.” Said Leaker. Ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic caused EvCC to go to online only learning. 

If you are interested in learning more about the grant or any of the programs that were listed in the article, you can reach out to the Clipper at [email protected] or reach out to the staff in person.