What’s Next for EvCC’s East County Campus


Sam Cooley

Outside Lake Tye Building

EvCC’s East County Campus is something that many don’t even know exist. Though it’s been closed for a while now, it’s important for students to know all of their options for where to take classes. Due to the closure the question often arises; What is happening to the East County Campus building?

Trojan bulletin board full of outdated papers (Sam Cooley)

EvCC has a campus located at the Lake Tye building in Monroe. This extension is about 16 miles from the main campus. The college does not own the Lake Tye building, but has been open and operating inside of it since 2010. The campus had to pause all in-person classes in Spring 2020 due to COVID-19 and has been closed ever since.
Math faculty advisor, Heidi Weiss-Green, has been curious about what’s been going on. “I recently spoke with our Vice President of Instruction, Dr. Cathy Leaker, about East County Campus because I was wondering what was up,” Weiss-Green said. “It sounds like the future plans are pretty up in the air now.”

Little is known if the east county campus will open back up or remain closed. “All of us that live out East would love for East County to re-open, so we would love it if the VP knew that students miss the satellite campus as well,” English faculty advisor, Cobi Seslar, said.

The space EvCC rents in the Lake Tye building is much smaller than the college’s main campus, but offers the 90-credit degree just like the main campus does. EvCC shares part of this building with other businesses and offices. However, those are located on separate floors.

“Prior to the pandemic, the East County Campus offered a variety of in-person classes, from English 101 to Precalculus.” Katherine Schiffner, director of public relations, said. “East County also offered in-person Business and Transitional Studies classes.” East County EvCC has primarily offered classes toward the business DTA. They have also offered a significant number of Transitional Studies classes there.

EvCC’s East County Campus shares a building with many different businesses (Sam Cooley)

EvCC continues to offer online classes that most of the East County students take. However, many choose to travel and come to EvCC’s main campus. “At this time, no in-person classes are being offered at the East County Campus,” Schiffner said. “Students who live in East County are taking classes at EvCC’s main campus in Everett or online.”
There are no classes offered in East County that are different from the main campus. Due to the size of the building, there are no lab facilities for STEM students, AMTEC students or Arts students. Most other classes are still offered though. Since the extension is still apart of EvCC, no separate admission or registration is required for classes.

“In the past we have been able to provide some on-site student services there as well as classes, but it’s not clear whether we will be able to do so in Fall 2022,” Dr. Leaker said. “EvCC is undertaking a comprehensive review of the needs of East County and how we can best serve that community,” Dr. Leaker said. “There has been no decision yet on the building. We are looking at scheduling some classes there in the Fall.”