I’m Stressed, Help!

EvCC reflects on the issue of stress amongst students: As well as getting an insight into how staying active can help students relieve stress.

Across the nation there is a growing issue of stress affecting students, according to the American Institute of Stress eight in 10 college students experience frequent bouts of stress and ​​it was ranked 5.9% as one of the primary mental health issues among colleges.

Nutrition Professor at EvCC (Curtesy of Laura Wild )

Laura Wild, a Nutrition Professor here at EvCC gives more of an insight on the matter. “Long term stress response reduces our immune system, so when people are really stressed they are more likely to become ill with infectious diseases. Another problem with long term stress is that it really impacts the way we metabolize or digest our food.” said Wild.

Here on campus we see the growing issue of stress directly affecting students. Kyle Marboe, a student here at EVCC said, “school has affected my stress negatively and makes me feel gloomy and unmotivated at times.. I feel that school makes me more flustered and gives me a pessimistic outlook when I’m assigned an abundance of homework,” said Marboe.

Student Ruth Camacho echoes a similar sentiment to Marboe. “College requires students to do labs, homework, and somehow manage the other classes. I feel mentally drained a lot of the time,” said Camacho.

So how can one lower stress levels if college seems to be a common stressor amongst students? Professor Wild elaborates on the benefits of staying active to reduce stress levels, “when we are physically active, especially outdoors, it is a whole game changer in terms of mental state. There have been studies done that as little as 20 minutes of activity can have a mental calming effect. It seems to be because staying active helps improve blood flow to our brains,” said Wild.

Kyle has experienced negative impacts due to stress (Curtesy of Kyle Marboe )

With a college student budget and the rainy weather of Washington, having a gym membership or going out doors to exercise is not feasible for many. Which is why EvCC fitness center offers open gym hours for students to take advantage of (times and availability are subject to change without notice due to events). As EvCC students you are able to go to the open gym hours and take advantage of the resources. Not only that but EvCC has a fitness club which was recently started by student Marina Pisarenko. The fitness club meets on Monday and Thursdays at 9:00 am in the fitness center.

“The club is intended to help people who are new to working out and may be slightly uncomfortable starting out in the gym alone. However, it is open to people who might have been working out for a while already. Everyone can learn from each other and receive encouragement from others. I myself find working out as a great stress reliever,” said Pisarenko.

Overall stress can have a big impact on students’ mental health and health all together. Staying active can be a great way to reduce stress, so take advantage of the resources available to find what works best for you. It can be a 20 minute walk or even a game on the basketball court. Let’s get moving! And, as always, Let’s Go Trojans!

Additional Resources

If you find yourself needing more help, reach out to the CCS counselors here on campus
Lifeline Crisis Chat
Evcc Fitness center open gym hours