EvCC Meets Interim President Dr. Darrel L. Cain


Courtesy Photo from Dr. Cain

New Interim President Dr. Darrell L. Cain stands with the EvCC Girls Basketball Team.

Everett Community College’s new interim president, Dr. Darrell L. Cain, has taken office and is looking to make an impact right away. Dr. Cain joins EvCC from Pierce College Puallyup and will serve in the interim role for 12 to 18 months.

Dr. Cain knows what it is like to navigate higher education. “I am a first generation college student myself,” said Cain. Attending a community college allowed Cain to find his way, it also allowed Cain to “recognize that I had a lot more to give than I thought I could.”

A big goal for Dr. Cain is getting students the help and support that they need to “propel themselves to however they define success.” Dr. Cain said. He feels it is important to give tools and resources to everyone such as someone studying for the workforce, a new training or transferring to a four year university.

Dr. Cain is now EvCC’s Interim President (Pierce College Puyallup)

Working in Washington state for over three years now has given Dr. Cain knowledge of the state and the system already, and was a big part in making him more comfortable about seeking the opportunity here.

Dr. Cain has taken over shortly after the college rolled out its new strategic plan. The plan itself aims to tackle topics like diversity, equity and inclusion. The plan is like a road map for the college moving forward. Dr. Cain believes that his goals for his time at Everett align with this plan. “I think the strategic plan is it that we continue to challenge ourselves and reach various milestones,” Cain said.

“The model is equity.” Cain wants all students, especially students who came from marginalized communities or vulnerable backgrounds, to receive the necessary support they need to “bring about transformation in their student success” Cain said. It is also important to work on students’ transformation in their communities.

EvCC was selected as a college of distinction by Achieving the Dream, an organization that focuses on “Championing evidence-based institutional improvement.” This is the second time that EvCC has been named a college of distinction and is one of 32 in the nation and only the second in Washington. The work that Everett is doing to combat inequity has, “inspired me to be here.”

But success for Dr. Cain isn’t just accolades and overall goals for Everett, it’s also about building connections and bringing all of the community together. “I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a passion, and as a way to make a meaningful difference,” Cain said. Focusing on how to give back and be a servant leader is at the forefront of the way Dr. Cain plans on being president. “I see this as my calling.”

Dr. Darrell L. Cain stands next to members of EvCC’s student life during the Winter Calming Affirmations event. (Photo courtesy of Dr.Cain and EvCC.)

Dr. Cain is not only thinking about how to better the experience for the students, but also for the staff, faculty and administration. Dr. Cain oftentimes teaches a class or two of his own whilst being president. “[Teaching] where you can interact in a classroom setting is where you can interact in a more intimate way,” he said. Being in the classroom allows Dr. Cain to give credit to work that the EvCC faculty put in, and also helps to build a sense of connection.

Dr. Cain currently may only have the title of Interim President, but that is not stopping him from working towards building EvCC up to be better than before. Be on the lookout for Dr. Cain in some of your classes, or even at events and games.