How Students Struggled with ctcLink


Screenshot from Lilyan Beck

ctcLink has proven to cause a lot more struggle than what was expected.

During class registration for winter quarter at EvCC, a new method of signing up for classes was introduced called CTCLink. Students had to get used to this new way of signing up for classes, with very little time to adjust before the registration deadlines.

When students were first introduced to ctcLink, some easily got the hang of it while others struggled. EvCC student Ahilin Rivera said, “I believe it gave me a different ID than the one we used for our SID.” This was one of the first obstacles students faced while activating ctcLink.

Veronica Oberst ran into a lot of the most common issues while using ctcLink. (Veronica Oberst)

Some of the main issues that students were struggling with were following instructions, signing in, creating a new password and managing a new system. Student Veronica Oberst had some of the most common confusions that most students had. “I needed to make a whole new account in order to view these things. I just assumed my existing student number and password were the same.”

When signing into ctcLink it asks for the ctcLink ID, it would be assumed that it would be your own student ID from EvCC, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, you had to make an actual account for ctcLink itself. “It took me at least an hour to figure out how to view the class schedule, register in the class, look at my credits, etc.” said Oberst

Here you can find the help you need for your ctcLink struggles (Screenshot from Victoria Martinez)

A big outcome students had to face was losing motivation due to difficulties. Human services major, Yuliana Marquez, says, “Honestly, it did [cause me to lose motivation]. Just having to learn how to use it properly put a little more stress on me because I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right. For example, signing up for classes.”

With this update, it might have felt a little bit discouraging, but students like Rivera gives EvCC students hope and motivation for those who couldn’t sign up for classes. “I think for the students who didn’t sign up for this quarter, there’s always a next quarter and we should keep going and not give up. There’s always helpful resources, whether it’s at school, classmates or even professors.”

For support, EvCC has provided office hours for help for signing up for classes this year. They provide an Online Support Request Form which you can fill out and specify what exact problems you are having. Once it is received, they will get back to you and help solve any obstacles when signing up for classes.