Sarah Pemble: Success through Hardship from EvCC Alumni



The school is at 25% of in-person classes due to the pandemic. (Courtesy Photo from EvCC)

As students start and finish their journeys at EvCC, it is often wondered where they’ve ended up since graduating. A now full-time mom and dedicated psychologist, Sarah Pemble has utilized EvCC as a stepping stone towards her future. Subscribing to a psychology magazine at a young age, Pemble had always been drawn to how the mind works and helping others. “I was looking for a school that offered the exact program I needed, and EvCC had it,” says Sarah Pemble.

(Courtesy Photo from Sarah Pemble)

Attending EvCC, she was able to begin her climb to a fulfilled dream and career. The biggest positive impact the college had on her was the tutoring center. The tutoring center gave her unlimited access to the exact help she needed to be successful. Claiming math was a struggle, she took advantage of all the help she could get. With access to the EvCC Tutoring Center daily, she completed her degree.

After graduating with an Associates from EvCC, she proceeded to receive her Bachelors from Northwestern University, her Masters from grad school, and finally got her endorsement from Washington State University. During the process of accomplishing these goals, Pemble worked full time as a psychologist at the Department of family and child services and a juvenile center providing direct therapy for prisoners of the ages 9 to 18. Further down the line, Sarah became a school psychologist, but the pandemic of 2020 hit.

Being that she specializes in mental health, Pemble expresses COVID-19 caused a major strain on everyone. “All around it has been extremely tense. Counseling is very difficult to do in a virtual setting, as it is difficult to pick up nonverbal cues and read human behavior through a screen. Serving my students and families has become increasingly difficult with remote technological interfaces. Mental health issues are on the rise (as well as isolation) and the ability to care for these young minds has proved to be challenging due to limited (and inconsistent) accessibility.” says Pemble.

(Courtesy Photo from Sarah Pemble)

Pemble has looked after the mental wellness of teachers, students, administrators, and parents during the COVID-19 crisis. Many have experienced the same constant fears of inaccessibility and nervousness that came with the adaptation to online and virtual learning. She has been working tirelessly to help reassure them that we are all adjusting to the online platform that has changed each of our normal routines.

Pemble reminds us that there is hope for a brighter future. With counseling, advising, and help centers located on campus, there is support for success available to all students. They can utilize the Counseling & Student Success sector on campus, as well as a dedicated Tutoring Center providing eTutoring Online. EvCC’s mission primarily focuses on educating, equipping and inspiring each and every student to achieve personal and professional goals. To become diverse and to thrive in a global society, accessibility makes all the difference and can determine the rate of success.