Resources and Support for Veterans at EvCC


Photo by Caleb Fischer on Unsplash.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

As a veteran, I know how difficult it is to find the answers to your questions when dealing with the The United States Department of Veteran Affairs. 

After being at the school for a year now, my firsthand experience dealing with EvCC’s Veterans’ Resource Center has been harmonious. When I was waiting for my GI Benefits to activate, my school account was immediately placed on hold, none of my classes had to be dropped, and within weeks I received my housing expenses paycheck in the mail. 

With the passing of Memorial Day, it is important to showcase the many programs, benefits and resources available at EvCC for veterans and active-duty military members, so the difficulty of dealing with the VA is eased.

EvCC Veteran Support

Oftentimes, the best place to start is at the Veterans’ Resource Center. They are able to help you with activating benefits, registering for classes and assisting with tution. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you navigate the Veterans’ Resource Center page.

Q&A With Cindi Turner from EvCC’s Veteran’s Office

Cindi Turner has been at EvCC for 33 years. With 20 years experience in the Financial Aid Department and 12 years in the business/accounting department, she recently  moved over to the Veterans’ Office six months ago.

What does EvCC do for the veterans during holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

During a normal year when the campus is fully open, there would be decorations on the campus, and the Veterans’ Office would have cake for the veterans and active-duty members of the military.  We often set up a tree on campus where students can hang ribbons for veterans. Arlene Cahoon, who recently retired, was in charge of all that, so we are hoping to carry the torch for her. 

What are some of the programs and benefits that are available for veterans and active-duty members at EvCC?

There are a number of different GI bills that are available for military members [and] not just the one they invested in. There are other benefits we use to help with tuition such as discounts, tuition reduction and changing some of their statuses to in-state tuition to lower the cost. 

How have the students perceived the Veterans’ Office at EvCC? Do they find it helpful?

We do our best at the office to make sure every student we deal with gets their answers quickly. One of our main goals is to immediately get the students’ tuition payment on hold, so it gives them enough time to decide how they want to get school paid for.

Seth Peterson has extensive knowledge about benefits available for veterans, and with my experience in Financial Aid we know how to fine-tune all the programs to make it easier for them. 

In my experience dealing with the Resource Center, the cohesiveness is evident. Seth Peterson and Cindi Turner will navigate you through any obstacles you may endure at EvCC.

Supporting Veterans Throughout the Year

COVID-19 has impacted many students with the campus being closed for over a year. There are numerous mental health resources available with some of them being tailored for military members, such as the Veterans Crisis Line.  

Another resource that is not through EvCC is Military One Source. They give detailed information about COVID-19 updates, helpful apps that aid with homeschooling, financial education and relaxation exercises.

Bill Deller was a World War II veteran and former Dean of Students who worked for EvCC for 50 years. With his passing in 2020, the college has set up the Bill Deller Fund which provides aid for students of color, students with disabilities and student veterans. 

Former Dean of Students, Bill Deller, next to EvCC’s plaza named in his honor. (Courtesy Photo from EvCC.)

There was a veterans’ club at the school, but the former president of the club has moved on. The club is not currently active, but if you are interested in becoming a member you would need at least nine other people interested in joining and to fill out this application to re-activate the club. 

Many veterans like myself feel like they can’t get the help they need once their military service has ended. However, at EvCC that underwhelming feeling is eradicated with the Veterans’ Resource Center. Peterson and Turner are always available to answer a variety of questions regarding benefits, veteran representation and class registration to make veterans feel supported 365 days a year. For more information on how you can help and support veterans in the classroom click here.