Stay or Go: Student Athletes on Their Extra Year of Eligibility


Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.

Sophomore Mona Kahsai running the 400m dash on May 8, 2021 at the NWAC Championships.

The NWAC’s Extra Year of Eligibility: Update on Athletes Decisions For Next Year

In March 2020, the National Collegiate Athletic Association granted an extra year of eligibility to spring athletes, and later to fall and winter athletes.

The Northwest Athletic Conference followed suit by granting all athletes an extra year of eligibility, allowing EvCC sophomores to decide to either return next fall, or graduate in the spring and move on.

Clipper staff writer Joshua Amick wrote about players’, coaches’ and the athletic director’s perspective about the extra year of eligibility.

Here is an update of EvCC student-athletes’ decisions for the next school year:

Sophomore sprinter Tracey Hatch (black top) running in the 400m dash on May 8, 2021 at the NWAC Championships. Hatch placed first in her group. (Courtesy Photo from Tom Oldfin.)

Track and field sprinter and cross-country runner Tracy Hatch has a positive outlook on returning next year. “I am planning on taking the extra year of eligibility to compete for EvCC’s track team,” Hatch said. “I would like to finish my credits here at Everett and get my associate degree. I feel like this is the most cost-effective plan for me. I was disappointed about not competing last spring and hardly getting to compete this year due to COVID-19. I look forward to continuing my track career with Everett and I’m hoping to be able to compete more next year.”

According to women’s head soccer coach Rafael Marins, sophomores Emily Marriot, Tori Bullard, Lisa Rakuro and Cassidy Gamble are returning to the team next fall with a few other players who are still undecided.

Women’s volleyball head coach Whitney Willams said, “I have two players who are undecided about returning in the fall. … We currently do not have anyone heading onto a four-year university. One is moving out of the country and the other two are applying to the nursing program.”

On the contrary, some athletes are deciding to not take the extra year of eligibility, but will be moving on to a four-year university to compete at the next level in their respective sports.

Mona Kashai, who participates on the EvCC track and field team, is choosing to graduate this spring. “I’m leaving this summer,” Kashai said. “I was going to leave last year, but with complications due to COVID, I ended up staying longer.” Kashai competes in the 400m and sometimes the 100m, 200m, and 4 by 4. She will be running in the 400m for Central Washington University Wildcats next fall.

Sophomore forward Devin Smith doing a layup against Peninsula CC on May 3, 2021. (Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.)

Sophomore forward Devin Smith will not be staying another year at EvCC, but will be continuing his basketball career playing at the University of Colorado, an NCAA Division II school in Colorado Springs.
Two baseball players, Aaron Barber and Carter Booth, will both be playing at NCAA Division I schools. Barber will be playing at Virginia Commonwealth University, while Booth will be playing at the University of Utah in the Pacific-12 Conference.

Women’s basketball guard Chanelle Martinez will be graduating this June and attending Dixie State University in Utah next fall. According to her teammates, this is her last year playing basketball. A few of Martinez’s teammates complimented her on being a good teammate on and off the court.

“[I] love how Chanelle is always there for each and every one on the team whether it’s on the court helping understand plays or whether it’s off the court involving school,” Sydney VanNess said. “She’s always there for her teammates which is something I really admire and look up to.”

Courtney Perry said, “I am really thankful I got to meet Chanelle and have her as a teammate and friend this year. She is so fun to be around and brings such positivity wherever she goes. She is a great captain who leads by example and takes care of her teammates no matter what.”

“Chanelle has been undeniably one of the best teammates I have ever had,” ThuyVi Tran said. “Her energy and positivity noticeably radiates upon the team and will be greatly missed next year. She has been nothing but a great leader and friend.”

Here is the link for each EvCC sports team as they enter their last few weeks of a shortened season.

Sophomore guard Chanelle Martinez (#5) receiving the ball from an in-bounds pass on April 24, 2021 against Whatcom CC. (Courtesy Photo from Daniel Acosta.)